Homemade food concoctions you have ate that others may think are manky as owt.


My mate used to get a Chicago Town microwave pizza, pour vinegar on the microwavable bit cardboard it came with and sit the pizza on top so the base would absorb the vinegar whilst microwaving. He'd then put it on a plate, and create a pool of vinegar on one side in which to dip said pizza.

Dirty bastard.
That's easily the worst (or best) by a long way so far. LOL.
Dunno if it qualifies but when I was at Redhouse Comp I'd go round the bottom shops at lunchtime get a small stottie, packet of crisps (any flavour except prawn fucking cocktail) and a pastie (either cheese or corned beef). Finger in the stottie, rake out the middle and eat it, then insert the pastie and crisps and trough that. absolutely wonderous.
There’s no such thing as a ‘small stottie’ They come in one size and are only available from Greggs. Anything else is an imposter, a normal bread bun dressed up as a stotty.
I'd eat most of the concoctions here.. some would be pleasurable and some mank..

Maybe I should do them.and keep a blog

The Yorkshire out with sweet stuff in is nowt.. yorkie is only a baked pancake anyway


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:lol: There are a few on here that have eaten sugar sarnies as a kid, so it is not just me. ;)

If you want proper manky, I used to sometimes chew my Chop sauce on bread sarnies for a little, take it out of my mouth, roll it into a few balls and put back on my plate. A nice plate of snack balls to eat as I watched my cartoons. :cool:
You need help mate


Not quite in keeping with the thread but just thought I'd highlight that cheese cake must be eaten when chilled so it's firm.


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Can't beat a bit of bread dipped in beef or chicken dripping with a bit salt on when making the Sunday dinner

My wife and kids think I am disgusting.

Also, my dad used to make condensed milk sandwiches when I was kid
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That's me. Nice healthy dinnertime snack that.

How can anybody not like hot dogs man?
Fish fingers, colcannon mash and peas with tomato soup on top is another of our go to easy teas.
Can't beat tuna in tomato soup, if I have posh vistors, usually hoy a tin of sardines in anarl.