Homemade food concoctions you have ate that others may think are manky as owt.

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Toasted tea cake with jam and cheese (summit like cheddar) on.
Cold pizza sarnies
Pie or pasty sarnies
Tomato soup with a tin of tuna tipped in
Ran out of pasta sauce tonight. I had some chopped chorizo in the fridge and added it to a 285g jar of Sainsbury’s Salsa. Fucking lush. Heated up obviously.
Should make ya own.
That's me. Nice healthy dinnertime snack that.

How can anybody not like hot dogs man?
Fish fingers, colcannon mash and peas with tomato soup on top is another of our go to easy teas.
Dirty bastard.
Think I've seen mentioned a poster having tomato soup with a tin of tuna in.
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When I was a kid I loved salad cream sarnies.
Also tomato sauce on bread.
Sugar on buttered toast.
Corn flakes with hot milk.
Fried bread with brown sauce on.
Beans and tomatoes (tinned) mixed together with mashed fish fingers in on buttered toast or fried bread.
There'll be loads more but that's off the top of my head.
I did something similar as a kid. Bread with a liberal sprinkle of white sugar. Throw it under the grill on a low heat and the sugar would caramelise on the bread. Easy to make and I used to make it at least three times a week at one point. Surprised I didn’t develop diabetes tbh.