Homemade food concoctions you have ate that others may think are manky as owt.

I'll start...

Had a pancake sarnie the other night. Pancake between buttered seeded bread, loads of vinegar and a bit pepper. Amazing juicy stuff!!
Crab stick, lettuce and 'Fries To Go' chip sarnie. Loads of pepper and vinegar on the lettuce but only a bit on the fries because they will go too soggy and lose that crisp texture which compliments the soft crab stick texture.(Pure fusion of texture and taste).
Sweet Corn in the veggie, dumpling broth I make for myself.
Sugar sarnies or Chop Sauce sarnies(As a bairn) I eat more upmarket now.
A bowl of cold Carnation Milk with a full Cadburys Flake broke up and sprinkled in.(Taste of Heaven).
Mash potato with Chop sauce and either fish fingers or broken up onion rings mixed in(Put 'ever so slightly' vinegar on them before you mix them with the mash).Sometimes the most basic can be so delicious.

I can be the king of manky eating. :cool: (Being a Pescetarian means my food choice is limited, so being creative is a must!!)

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When I was a kid I loved salad cream sarnies.
Also tomato sauce on bread.
Sugar on buttered toast.
Corn flakes with hot milk.
Fried bread with brown sauce on.
Beans and tomatoes (tinned) mixed together with mashed fish fingers in on buttered toast or fried bread.

There'll be loads more but that's off the top of my head.

Seaham Towny

When in Uni I used to buy chicken roll, then eat the slices after putting white pepper on them as a snack.

My former housemates still bring this up if I ever have a conversation with them...

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When I was about 13 or 14 I used to have tomato soup with chopped up burger and waffles in it.

Weird but was canny :lol: