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Discussion in 'SMB' started by mini-x2, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. Thackeray

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    Fuck off man fucking Van Halen.

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  3. JL1985

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    This Summer's Banger!!

  4. Wearson

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    I used to love Rockers Revenge , still got some of their 12”s but never thought of them as electronic ?
    I was playing Computer World the other day after about 30 years and went on to tell someone that it should be considered a masterpiece.

    Moroder , esp his stuff with Sparks should have an honourable mention .

    other than the one in the very post post of course :) sorry .

    This is a brilliant thread , thanks for the recommendations for me to investigate.

    Eno , Here come the Warm Jets.. etc
    Let’s not forget Telstar tho, one of the very first .
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  5. The Count

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    One last one... ;)

  6. mickb2112

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    OK I`m not much of an electronic music person. I like some of what I`ve heard but it`s probably all pretty mainstream compared to the SMB Electronic Connoisseurs (The SMBEC :D) BUT there looks some cracking recommendations on here that I think I`ll work my way through them to see if anything of interest crops up. Looking forward to discovering some old/new classics
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  7. Reptilia

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  8. Philcore

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    Try Purturbator, Carpenter brut.
  9. Ladies and gentlemen, I now present you Analogue Heaven, where when we pass over, we become angels flying in a big beautiful electronic sky!!

    This is perfection!!

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  10. LatchDiamond

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    Ambient :cool:
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  11. Barrington Womble

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    I heard this for the first time quite recently,which immediately put me in mind of that particular Air track..

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  12. Thackeray

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  13. rapscallion

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    Computer World's their finest hour. It's more fun to compute.
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  14. Thackeray

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    Watch me now...
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  15. td586

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    steve moore - volatile memory
  16. Apples

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