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Discussion in 'SMB' started by mini-x2, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. Thackeray

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    Nobody said it had to be single tracks, so...:lol:

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  5. mini-x2

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    Fact: I sat next to Miss Kittin on a flight from Ibiza to Berlin once.
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  6. The Count

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    Not 'alf :D

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  7. raindog

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  8. Thackeray

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    Magic Fly is of course an absolute classic, but it has to be accompanied by this video of stunningly beautiful European ladies.

    All of a sudden it makes total sense...

  9. mini-x2

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    It’s the first tune I can remember in my life. Possibly why Ive always liked electronic stuff.
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  10. roker beach

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    Seems to be a lot of Kraftwerk popping up, why not though

  11. mini-x2

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    The masters.
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  12. raindog

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    Good shout , and from the same era and country

    both probably were inspirational for Air

  13. The Sinful Dwarf

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    Did you stop listening to music when Dylan went electric or something ? You tedious mutton shunter.
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  14. mini-x2

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  15. andy

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    It's actually quite good that. Just had a listen.
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  16. sylvian

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  17. JohnKay

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    Not many will have heard this before but it's silky smooth, I have posted it on here a few years ago. Used to fetch £1000 on Discogs, then some shithouse ran bootlegs and fucked it all up.

  18. Spike

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    Still hammering Klockworks 20 nearly a year on, most of the tracks on it are stunning
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