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Discussion in 'SMB' started by mini-x2, Aug 7, 2018.

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    You’re obviously of my era. That Forgemasters track transports me back to a dry ice filled dancefloor wearing my poncho :D
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  2. Fairly sure Purcell had quite a strong hand in this like. ;)
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    Aye, but those Moog sounds man...
  4. Can't disagree really :cool:
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    Owt by New Order.
    Half decent band catchy little pop tunes.
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    Tiny Reminders is a great album, been playing it again recently.

    I know he's a bit Bovril to a lot of people, and I completely underastand why, but I love 4 tet's last album.

    Marmite, the foodstuff I was looking for was Marmite. Makes no sense to say Bovril because obviously everyone loves Bovril.

    Another GREAT album (Opening the Cerebral Gate)...
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    Mate, it's an absolubte clasic! Clubbing, parties and music just dosen't have that vibe it once had - all writes back to this era for me :)
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    Zero Time by TONTOs Expanding Headband released in 1971 was years ahead of much of the stuff on here and in my view it has never been surpassed.

    TONTO (The Original New Timbral Orchestra) was the name given to the equipment that was used. It was so huge and complex that it was studio bound and live gigs were always out of the question. Even the weird vocal "Riversong" on the album was electronically generate it wasn't a human voice that was then simply distorted to sound electronic.

    I recently saw a long documentary that claimed to cover the development of electronic music. Incrediably it didn't manage to mention Tonto even in passing.
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    What about this for the ‘first’ ever acid house track? 303 heaven.

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  13. That is class as fuck!!:cool:

    And also with this belter, 'Back to the Old School...'

    The drop down at 41 seconds..tingles in my head!!:cool:

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  15. Pure electronic!
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