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Discussion in 'SMB' started by mini-x2, Aug 7, 2018.

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    Gary Oldman is younger than him. How mad is that?!
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    Inspiration for this

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    Really? I can’t see the NG comparison apart from a touch of piano?
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    Classic tune.

    Right on the edge of when the tunes started getting ower fast.
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    Yeah reminds me of when we first used to go to Back to Basics.
  12. Situation - Yazoo on 6 Music now :cool::cool:
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    Sampled or stolen a few times in the next year or two. After 92 everything changed and never as good for me, except for a few belters.
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    Jon Hopkins - Everything Connected

    Love the video too.
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    First DM album I ever bought and still love the track. Bizarrely, a Greek duo called Marsheaux have released an entire cover album of ‘A Broken Frame’.

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    In What A Life - the piano loop, the sound at the start, the drum fill just before he starts a verse, the way the song sort of slows down and becomes more sparse, the "solo" bit from about 2.20

    In Strings, the intro, the drums, and mainly the bit from about 4.10 up to around 4.50
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    Yes its awful
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    Leftfield- leftism

    End of thread
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