RTG Getting pop-ups, Audio, redirects, ads overlaying text, malware reports from ads please read this

Discussion in 'Help Desk' started by Roger, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. Roger

    Roger The Gaffer Staff Member

    Thanks @Bluepaul, its not specifically a Xenforo thing and is coming from the adverts - but forums have been targeted by the scammers (as you say, not just RTG. Speaking to other forum owners, many have been hit).

    The problem is that we all sell our ad space through ad-exchanges and the ads basically go to the highest bidder but we have little control over what is actually displayed. It's always worse at holiday periods because the scammers realise that people aren't around to stop the rogue ads.

    Forums, and particularly football forums tend to get much lower ad rates than most sites, so obviously its cheaper for the scammers to get ads on sites like these.
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  2. f1since08

    f1since08 Full Back

    I keep getting redirected to "The Banana Song" on youtube. It can be any thread I click on, even just the main forum home page. W7 laptop, BT broadband, Google Chrome.
  3. bonsai

    bonsai Midfield Lost Magpie

    Play store opening up again.
  4. Gil Gunderson

    Gil Gunderson Goalkeeper

    I am having the same issue, song is embedded in my head too.

    Macbook air, sky fibre, safari & chrome.
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  5. Aldyyyy

    Aldyyyy Winger

  6. Ramshanker

    Ramshanker Winger

    This still happens every time I'm on mobile internet.. Really annoying when 'hijacked'. I'm on vodafone by the way, but same happens on O2
  7. AndyGray1985

    AndyGray1985 Winger

    Just the same for me
  8. safcforever

    safcforever Striker

    It’s back again. The amount for free spins I’ve won is getting a joke now
    It’s everytime I’m on mobile network
  9. Roger

    Roger The Gaffer Staff Member

    As usual, can you answer the questions in the 1st post. I am not seeing any problems with Chrome/Android/EE
  10. f1since08

    f1since08 Full Back

    The banana song has been getting worse for me. I actually just got redirected to it trying to get to this page!

    It's happening on my phone now as well as laptop.

    Android/Chrome/Wifi and Tesco
  11. Augustus Gloop

    Augustus Gloop Goalkeeper

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  12. safcforever

    safcforever Striker

    Exact same but on Bell
  13. Roger

    Roger The Gaffer Staff Member

    I'll block mobile ad serving to AT&T and Bell, hardly a massive chunk of the ad revenue and I have no way of testing US networks. (Change normally takes about an hour to kick in)

    If you could try the test pages linked here though that would be helpful as it should tell me which network they are coming from.
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  14. safcforever

    safcforever Striker

    All the tests were good. 5 took around a minute to load like. Tried it a few times and it always took a lot longer than the others

    I was directed to

    This morning
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  15. RTGAdmin

    RTGAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks. Let me know if you see any more - all of the individual networks we use are now blocked from AT&T and Bell - Google Adsense will step in to fill the void, so if you see any more it will be coming from there.
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  16. GiantHogweed

    GiantHogweed Winger

    I have been getting this audio redirect intermittently for months in chrome on my LG G6 phone with the forum:

    Just got again today.

    Prolly happens a couple times a week.
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  17. AndyGray1985

    AndyGray1985 Winger

    I still get it everyday on YouSee/TDC (same network - two names)
  18. f1since08

    f1since08 Full Back

    Still getting the banana song.
  19. Yankee Mackem

    Yankee Mackem Winger

    I'm on Android EE. None of the links from the first post got the popup but the main site seems to randomly generate an ipo6 scam link.
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  20. niceonemarra

    niceonemarra Winger

    Since the update this site has been freezing (over 10 seconds at a time) and I just got a pop up too that looked like malware trying to run something on my computer.

    Sort it out Roger marra I'm trying to see what happened to SBC on the plenty of fish thread and it keeps freezing, its doing my head in.

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