Forthcoming gigs.

mad cyril

Surprised by the low turn out for the Pumarosa gig tonight, just from this thread alone thought half the north east were turning out for it. Don't think they'll look back on it as one of their greatest triumphs.

And odd how may people you see with ear plugs in when you look for them as well.
1/4 full, half full mate ?

I thought some of the first album was superb and I enjoyed when I saw them at village underground in London couple of years back. Priestess especially was one of the tunes of that year.
I wasn’t fussed however by the dingoes they pre released from new album then when I listened to the full thing it was a bit meh. Swerved the gig on that basis.
Chemical Brothers on Friday. Re ear plugs, my wife always wears them cos of tinnitus she thinks was worsened at gigs in her youth
chemical brothers Saturday for me in Glasgow. Can’t wait.
night before on Friday I’ve WH Lung then rounding weekend off nicely with Blanck Mass on Sunday.
had worse weekends !
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Clogs on?
Nor marra, mine's in the loft :p
Support band just finished. Not bad whoever they were.
I'm on my tod tonight but just looking round nma have a very diverse mix. From old punks to new punks, normal gadgies who look like they could work in a bank to homelless looking crusties and everything in between. I suppose i fall into just one of the old gadgies who've been following them for yonks category.