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  1. Mad Cam

    Mad Cam Central Defender

    Making coin is easy, I average about 100k profit a day, thanks to lazy buyers. Have a trade pile of 100, and list decent players from the in demand leagues (PL, Spain etc). buy cheap, list for higher. Depending on the card, for an 84 rated card add on about 3-4k. You'd be surprised at all the sales. When a play sells, buy back at lowest BIN and repeat.
  2. Jokei84

    Jokei84 Midfield

    Did the tots SBC and ended up with ederson, didn't want a goalkeeper since I have de gea

    Just waiting for my fut swap icon to be a gk as well and I'm set....
  3. mackem1979

    mackem1979 Winger

    Did the prem SBC and got Laporte which isn’t too bad, I’d have rather got a forward like.

    I’d have been happy with him like.
  4. carmo3773

    carmo3773 Midfield

    I'll give it a whirl, thanks for the tips. How long do you list them for? An hour? Or longer, such as twelve?
  5. Mad Cam

    Mad Cam Central Defender

    only list for 1 hour, as most sales happen in the last few minutes. Just keep relisting, sales will come.

    Also with the Premier TOTS SBC dropping this evening, prices are super inflated. So i'd wait before trying it out. I've made a cool 500k this evening thanks to that
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  6. Jokei84

    Jokei84 Midfield

    I had champions League ederson before and got rid for de gea as shots just seemed to go through him

    Going to give this one a try still
  7. So within the last few days I built a premier team to get Rice in objectives and I think I’m gonna stick with it.

    Did the premier SBC and got Doherty. I mean not ideal but I did need a good Rb so he’s doing okay.
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  8. MackemLad

    MackemLad Midfield

    Did the Prem TOTS and got Eriksen, so sold my TOTW Eriksen and finished off the Puyol icon SBC
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  9. carmo3773

    carmo3773 Midfield

    Seeing as I won't be on until the weekend at the earliest I've listed the likes of Aguero, Salah etc for way more than I got them for. For example I paid 49k for Salah and he's going for 70-80k now. These inflated prices may help me out a lot!
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  10. mackem1979

    mackem1979 Winger

    Anyone know if Prem TOTS are in reward packs tomorrow?

    This week’s IF team look rubbish.
  11. Jorrd93

    Jorrd93 Full Back

    In red picks yeah.

    I just got Hazard and Robertson. Happy days.
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  12. Jokei84

    Jokei84 Midfield

    I tried ederson for 4 games yesterday and he's shite

    Flaps at crosses and easy shots go straight through him
  13. mackem1979

    mackem1979 Winger

    Got rank 1 division 1 today and I took untradable packs which were probably worth 300k and best I got was regular Ozil, shiiite.
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  14. carmo3773

    carmo3773 Midfield

    I've made 330k today thanks to your advice.
  15. Jorrd93

    Jorrd93 Full Back

    Got rank 2 this week even with playing 30 WL games, people bashed it this week and I don't do the rivals objectives because I can't be bothered.
  16. mackem1979

    mackem1979 Winger

    Canny, what was your investment ?
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  17. carmo3773

    carmo3773 Midfield

    Around the 180k mark, give or take 20k. I had that many ins and outs going on I lost track of the exact amount. The biggest money makers have been sane and sterling. I've paid 25k max for Sane and sold for 32k. Sterling I've picked up for between 12 (aye I know!) to 27k and sold in the low 30s. I use them two because I know them both as I've bought and sold them all year. Aguero is another good one. You can pick him up for as low as 60k if you're patient enough to keep refreshing and sell for 70/72k. Sterling even at a cost of 25k will still make you a decent profit as I've seen him go today for 33/34. Mo Salah will get you the biggest profit if you're patient enough to sit refreshing the search, ready to pounce. I don't know about inform players etc as I've stuck to golds. I'm going to wait until I reach around 500k and try to get a few cheap in forms then. Means I'm not skint if I balls up. I did also get Thiago Silva in my packs and sold for 50k.

    As you can probably tell I've had a very productive day at work.

    Forgot to quote you in my initial reply marra.
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  18. Mad Cam

    Mad Cam Central Defender

    I'm up 900k this week, happy with that. Prices have dropped now the Prem TOTS SBC has ended.

    Should be german TOTS tonight, invested in 84's and 85's, ready for the next SBC.

    Easy money.
  19. carmo3773

    carmo3773 Midfield

    Aye, I stocked up on Eriksen 88 cards and will likely take a 30k hit but I'm still well up.
  20. Gene Hunt

    Gene Hunt Full Back

    I am being trolled by Nordin Amrabat. Opened about 30 saved packs last Friday on TOTS launch and packed his TOTS which I used in my squad to complete the Saudi weekly objective. Did the very cheap SPL guaranteed TOTS and packed ... Amrabat.

    Used both of them for SBCs during the week, Ryan Fraser and the Premier League TOTS so they didn’t go to waste.

    Anyhow, open a pack today and the blue and gold ticker tape comes down. Get in, I think, big money!! And out pops fucking Nordin Amrabat ....

    To put it into context, he is the only TOTS I have packed, 3 times!!
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