Donald on BBC Newcastle


What a surprise. What about the apparent abuse? Fear for his life ? He hasn't been heard from or seen for weeks when the club has been heading to shite. Suddenly, people see charges on the financial investment/loan that is contradictory to what his partner has stated. Boom, he is back, giving out speeches within 9 hours. What a surprise.
It'll all be spun to how it's no different to what any 'loan' would be, despite it not ever being classed as a loan in the first place. That won't be questioned though, just alot of agreeing and yes'ing from the interviewer.

Should be made to answer a series of challenging questions that haven't yet been answered properly yet.


As others have said it'll be standard stuff. Hell admit the loan is secured against the club but explain its how loans work and the club wouldn't take on a loan it couldn't pay back etc etc.

The panel won't push him on Charlie's comments and if they do he'll make light of it.

It'll be purely an exercise to provide more bullshit