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  1. It's all the same though surely? Knowing what mph is, reading a map, knowing not to shove a screwdriver into a plug socket etc. Its all basic stuff.
  2. I think your last paragraph is more important than teaching kids which plants they should eat if they’re ever marooned. Which is what this thread was originally about. Basic knowledge about basic subjects like maths and geography.

    Someone not knowing what 60 miles per hour means is a bit shocking. Not knowing how to rustle up a lasagne isn’t, IMO.

    But technology means they don’t need to know how to read a map now. Like long division. Or mining. Or use a long sword. That was a basic skill at one time in our history.

    Stuff changes, man.
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    Have you calmed down yet radgy?

    Then you get what has become a major issue for mountain rescue teams now of people who haven’t got basic map reading skills going mountain climbing using an app on their phone, which the battery inevitably dies on.
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  4. deep south

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    You need some kind of counter or limit in there, mate, or you'll never get out of that infinite loop.

    Been there, done that, been there, done that, been .....
  5. So if you're in your car using Google maps as a sat nav and the battery runs out what do you do, sit in the car crying, or end up in Loch Lomond? :lol:

    Technology doesn't always work and then you're knackered
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  6. Eeeeee :eek:

    Is that you in your avatar btw?
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  7. deep south

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    Or, you could plug the phone into the USB or lighter socket, and charge it up? I make sure I have a spare phone cable in the car for such an eventuality.
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  8. Goat Eyes

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    It stops your dog catching it with its claws.
  9. There will always come a time when technology fails and you need a backup. Like having a box of candles for 10 years then eventually having a power cut. It happens doesn't it?

    Do you not put gloves on your dog :eek:
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  10. I’ve got one of these incase the washing machine fucks up

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  11. Good for you. I would just hand wash then go out and buy a new one.
  12. Aye but what if the sink is knackered and you don’t have a bucket or owt

    Always be one step ahead my friend
  13. The difference is it is easy to leave a road atlas under the seat as an emergency. It's not expensive or bulky, or difficult to use. Chances are it will come in handy. It might fetch a bit at the antiques roadshow :lol:

    Turn your undies inside out then ;). There are somethings that people do as a 'just in case' that cost a fortune, are difficult and impractical. What I'm suggesting is non of the above. Fair enough have a laugh and take the piss, but I'm right ;)
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  14. Goat Eyes

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    Game changer, might put some shower socks on it.
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    no its not, its about 'basic knowledge' . depends what you class as basic knowledge. i don't think computer coding can be classed as 'basic knowledge' as its completely limited to one area, and a massive proportion of people will never need to use it.

    fixing something round the house, like a hoover belt replacement, or fixing a leaky tap, changing a fuse in a plug - that type of stuff, to me, is basic knowledge that teenagers should just either know, or be able to easily work out.
  16. If BOTH phone batteries die, AND my car sat nav, then I’ll ask someone for directions. The likelihood is small.

    (Btw, I can read a map, like)

  17. AlpineExile

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    I'm not sure you understand quite how a mangle works or what replaced it, tbh.
  18. Some Random Guy

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    When you started did you have old buggers looking down on you for needing a book?
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  19. I don’t think coding is “basic” knowledge right now, but I think it will be eventually.

    And changing a fuse in a plug has only been “basic” knowledge for as long as we’ve had plugs. Relatively short space of time. Technology changed and changed what our basic knowledge was. 100 years ago it wasn’t. That’s my point.

    The spin cycle?
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  20. Some Random Guy

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    Agree. I don't think being able to build say a go-kart (or any other simple woodworking project) was ever basic knowledge though. Its an occasionally useful skill and knowing how to do it isn't going to do you any harm.

    Being able to use the Internet, just to look up information or buy something, would definately be a basic skill everyone today should have.

    I would argue being able to post a link or picture to this forum would be basic knowledge but there are plenty on here that can't do it. ;)

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