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    Now I don’t claim to be any sort of genius on the topic of maths, but surely this takes the piss. Last week I was talking to a lass at work who reckoned her boyfriend thinks she’s thick because she couldn’t work out how long it would take to travel 60 miles at 60mph. Naturally, I agreed with her boyfriend that she is indeed thick as the answer is clearly 1 hour (60/60=1), simple yes? Wrong, this was an impossible thing to explain to her and she couldn’t get it out of her head that it took her about 45 minutes to get from Peterlee to Barnard Castle which is 30 odd miles so how can it only take an hour to do 60 miles :rolleyes:
    After spending far longer than intended trying to explain the basic rules of arithmetic, I ring my mate who is also on shift to confirm I’m right as I’m starting to doubt myself. I put the same question to him and he replies ‘well it takes me about an hour and a half to get from here to Newcastle’. :eek: I put the phone down.

    Neither of them knew the dates of the First World War either. Surely this is basic stuff or is this just how it is now?
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    EDIT: I’m thick.
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    Depends on the speed, surely?
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    ... The question is weirdly worded.
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    Just changed it to what it should have been. Thanks :lol::lol:
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    To be fair it takes 60 minutes to travel 60 miles in 60 minutes, so he wasn’t wrong.
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    Typo lads, thicko that I am
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    Well done. ;)
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    If the editing time has elapsed there I’d have been on to the mods out of embarrassment :oops::D
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  11. Young people today have far different skill sets for today's changing world.
    Different but not necessarily worse.
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    A lass who worked for me, asked how come you could drink the water in Skegness.

    I said what do you mean.

    She said if you go on holiday in Spain, you can’t drink the water, but if you go on holiday in Skegness you can.

    I said you’re aware that Skegness is in England aren’t you? She said yeah, but it takes 3 hours to get there and 3 hours to get to Spain, so how come you can drink the water in Skegness?

    I gave up at that point.
  13. Tell her she can drink the water in Spain.
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    There used to be a lass in the office at work a few year back during the time my son was in secondary school. I mentioned he was studying apartheid and Nelson Mandela’s role In breaking it down. She hadn’t heard of Mandela . The rest of the office couldn’t believe it. They asked if she had heard of Hitler - she responded that she was vaguely aware of the name but couldn’t pinpoint exactly where from....

    She was 21 at the time and good at her job ..... despite this , I could never look at her again without thinking how thick she must be about people I thought everyone ( unless you lived under a rock) would have heard of. Staggering, really !
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    Every time I see a thread like this, I think you are all making it up!
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    The OP and his colleague are teachers
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    I know at least 3 people who thought initially that Portugal was in Spain

    I say people I mean women

    They were all women
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    She got bulleted so I can’t. Sorry.
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    When Robert Maxwell supposedly chucked himself in the sea my partner didn’t know who he was.

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