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  1. I’m not really bothered tbf
  2. As would be your prerogative just watch out for speaking to strangers on the moors at night:D.

    Seriously though it doesn't take 5 minutes to basically show someone how to use a map and it can come in handy. I'm probably biased because I use maps all the time at work, did geography as my first degree and was in a army march and shoot team that relied on maps for getting about. Like a candle you never need one until you dont have one ;).
  3. Harry Angstrom

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    I think I would get to most places without a map or sat nav.

    I have a decent map in my head of Britain and a tongue in my mouth when getting close to the destination.

    However, this has been learned over the years because I have studied maps etc as a child and when navigating myself around.

    I'm sure there is no need to have an idea where Newbury or Kings Lynn or Stirling is in relation to Sunderland but I reckon I could get to all of them without consulting a map.

    I don't know the order of planets from the sun. Never learned because it never interested me but I don't understand how people haven't got a rudimentary understanding of where places are in UK and to a certain extent Europe.
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  4. Tbf my lass doesn't know which way A19 north or south is coming out of Doxy international and that's the truth. I find it pathetic :lol:
  5. Harry Angstrom

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    I suppose if there is no interest then then there is no need to learn.
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    • Amazing how many people can't fasten their shoe laces these days, just tuck them in the front of their trainers.
  6. They can, just lazy sods
  7. PtangYang kiperbang

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    Yes thanks mate.

    Yes mate.
  8. monkeytassle

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    What business is it you own? Selling plates on Facebook?
  9. PtangYang kiperbang

    PtangYang kiperbang Goalkeeper

    Yes mate, would you like to buy any plates?
  10. monkeytassle

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    Show me your wares
  11. PtangYang kiperbang

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    Got a big order on for a Greek wedding at the weekend - smashing.

    I’ll see what I can do
  12. Goat Eyes

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    But all water in the EU conforms to a standard. So the water in Spain is of the same quality as the UK. Basic knowledge.

    Drinking water in the EU: better quality and access | News | European Parliament

    Never had the shits once in holiday.

    I understand the thread has moved on since Saturday but I’d love to see you implode again.
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    Last time you were at the aggressive stage of drunkenness, this time you are at the mate stage.
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  14. PtangYang kiperbang

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    I’m just not drunk mate.
  15. duff_man

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    Ah right sorry, i mistook your utter bellendedness for drunkenness.
  16. Who is he?
  17. monkeytassle

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    Big hard roided up internet hard man. Invited someone to his seat to "say it to his face"
  18. Gillythedilf

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    It's a strange pic like to put on here ,someone else who's just signed up has a similiar one .
    Whitburnmakem I think he's called .
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  19. PtangYang kiperbang

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    Not roided up but thanks for the compliment. Also not the one calling people names from behind the safety of their laptop

    Did most of my posting on the diet and exercise forum away from the trolls and WUMs mate

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