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  1. Yes mate, they were called Heinrich Events and were not linked to 1 event as they are thousands of years apart. You're right, it's is a geological fact.
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    Holy shit, are some people taking this thread waaaay too seriously.
  3. Looked like a serious question to me.

    Why couldn't there have been a maritime civilisation more advanced than others way back in history?
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    Aye, that's why they're called "flood myths". The clue is in the name.

    Not to be confused with ACTUAL floods.

    Noah didn't really build an ark, that's just a... wait for it... FLOOD MYTH.

    Hope this helps.
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    I guess I just never considered it to be real as I grew up believing it was more to do with Plato being allegorical. I've never given it much thought to it being an actual, real place.
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  6. So you actually believe that stories from things like the bible and every civilisation with a written record that speak of floods devastating huge areas have to be myths?

    You dont have to believe that the animals came in two by two to believe that these stories were based on actual flood events ya nugget :lol:
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    I don't think you know the difference between a myth and an actual historical event.
  8. Maybe it wasnt but I cant see why something like this is so unbelievable. Obviously things on TV that show people flying about on hover boards and having gills etc will be bs but I dont think Plato ever mentioned anything like that in his works.

    Oh but I do. Just because something is said to be a myth by someone doesn't prove it hasnt existed. I believe Troy was said to be a myth before it was discovered in 1870.

    We have evidence of many global flood events and some correspond with the time Plato has said the place existed.
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    True. Like I said, I never really gave it much thought. I am interested in doing more research on it now, though.
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    Absolute fact.

    If we could drain the Med and the Atlantic we would almost certainly find it.
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  11. We would find a few sunken ships :lol:
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    Aye but that doesn't mean that all flood myths are descriptions of actual historical events. Obviously floods have happened, obviously some flood myths are loosely based on those events. But they're still myths. Atlantis wasn't a real place. Most of the time they're cautionary tales that basically mean "don't build your house on the beach because when the tide comes in you'll be literally and figuratively sleeping with the fishes".

    Haway man. I can't believe you're arguing that all flood myths are actually real.
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  14. I've done quite a bit mate, more out of curiosity than being a loon :lol:.

    I became interested in the subject years ago when my dad who had an archaeology degree showed me an article on the weathering of the Sphinx in Egypt. He thought I would be interested in it since I was doing my Masters dissertation on climate change and work in a geological based job.

    I studied Plato's works and realised a lot of things in it were not as far fetched as I thought and much of the recent knowledge we have does fit in with things Plato said. I'm not saying I believe it but keep an open mind.

    I'm not saying they're all real. I'm just saying that things said to be flood myths are probably based on actual flood events and not just completely made up by someone on a wind up.
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    well, that's me keeping an open mind about it now as well.
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    Ah, well in that case we agree. Why didn't ya just say that! :p
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    Brayed by the Drexciyans.
  18. probably a load of shit mind so don't get you're hopes up in the treasure hunt :lol:
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    Doesn’t exist any more, destroyed by plate tectonics.
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    I got into Graham Hancock (no) a few years ago. He basically travels the world looking for evidence of ancient civilisations to support his theory that technology was passed down from an advanced people who lost their lands to floods/natural disasters. His theory is mental, but the stuff he finds is intriguing. Highly recommended if you fancy stretching those brain cells..


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