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  1. naughtynose

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    Myth or does/did it exist.
  2. bigmarlon

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    Myth. Hardly even that. What inspired the myth might be interesting without being startling.
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    Clearly allegorical. If we could bring Plato back from the dead he would probably die laughing at thick twats that believe it really existed.
  6. cauldbairn

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    It was invented by Plato as a morality tale on the rise and fall of civilisations, probably inspired by the real life destruction of cities such as Helike.

    Most of the myths referring to its real existence were devised by theosophists and the early new age movement in the 19th century.
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    Stories are how we pass on ideas through generations. Flood myths can be interpreted in an infinite number of ways. They can simply mean "wipe away the shit and start anew", or something more complex like "societal structures (the ark in Noah's tale) saving humanity from drowning in chaos". Atlantis is more a cautionary tale of what happens to a society when it fails to protect itself from unseen external forces.

    There's a reason these stories are found all over the world and hold the test of time.
  8. super noodles

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    It's real, and it's populated by mermaids. The caffeine from the coca cola bottling plant really accelerated the human evolution.
  9. The Exile

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    Bit of both, I think. There was clearly an advanced (by the time's standards) seafaring society around at that time. The flood myth is also accompanied by myths of a great civilising individual arriving from across the sea pretty much everywhere in the world at a similar time.
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  12. RichD

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    I think it was a mix of fact and fiction just like similar stories from around the world.
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  13. We're all Lemurians any way
  14. Leon Solent

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    Some of their buses survived the destruction and were put in service on the Central Station to Saltwell Park in 1960. The Atlantean was quite an improvement to the No. 53 service.
  15. That's Atlanta ;)
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  16. How do you know Plato's intentions. Why could this not be a factual account.

    The flood myths are not myths though are they. We know there have been many such events
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  17. Rotten Johnny

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    Must be true. Patrick Duffy came from there.
  18. Does this also mean that religious texts are works of fiction too? :eek:
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  19. I reckon for the most part they actually believed what they wrote, was what they thought they saw or understood. To actually think up the stories in the Bible etc someone must have had a canny imagination :lol:
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  20. OohBaldyBally

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    There is geological evidence to support the fact that there were flood events in numerous places around the world (maybe all linked to 1 event, maybe multiple).

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