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    "Shit, I been cut already?"

    "I hate this fucking song"
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  2. First half of white men can't jump. Tails right off after that
  3. Dendinho

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    Nice catch, Hayes. Don't ever fuckin' do it again.
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  4. The American Express card. Don't steal home without it.

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  5. the dude

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    I started watching it but the kids got on my nerves. Lazy bastards that didn't want to do the work needed to graduate.
  6. Dave Herbal

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    Nobody mentioned North Dalls Forty yet?
    Semi fictional account of the Dallas Cowboys in the 70s with Nick Nolte. Great film.
  7. West Stand

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    The Cinderella man.
    Big Wednesday could sneak in if you count surfing as sport.
  8. fyl2u

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    Just finished watching this. Was actually very very good. Was a bit disjointed around the middle due to the writers strike, but started and ended very well. One of those shows that made me genuinely sad that it was finished.
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    UZZA_SPARTA Midfield

    if not already mentioned American Flyers is worth a watch - it may be very 80's but was made just before Kevin Costner hit the big time, was directed by same person (Badham) who had given us SAturday Night Fever back in the 70's, and for cycling fans even has a cameo by the legend that is Eddy Merckx

    Die Sieger - American Flyers (1985) - IMDb
  10. taipeisafc

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    Isn't The Last Boy Scout a Bruce Willis action type film? I always enjoy The Replacements when it is on - Keanu Reeves does his normal "non-acting" but a decent movie

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