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    Does Invictus count? Set in South Africa but starring and directed by Americans.
  2. I haven't got round to moneyball yet. Saving it for a rainy day.
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    Was that the one with hulk hogan and Zeus in it? Or something else
  4. a1970man

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    Another note for


    Good family movie, and a true story to boot!
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Pop

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    Karate Kid
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    Major league is superb.

    Mighty ducks ;)
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    Funny enough I just discovered it on Netflix and watched it again on Monday. Took me back to my teenage years when I must have watched it at least 20 times - still knew loads of the words as I sat watching it. Classic.
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  9. Same here mate. Its such a great feel good movie. Cant wait to watch it on netflix tonight.
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  10. Watched it last weekend, Tim Robbins, hilarious as "Meat". Susan Sarandon steals the movie for me though
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  11. Bishop Boy

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    That’s the one
  12. Class

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  13. Cracking shout

    Remember the titans trumps any given Sunday for me. Less hammy

    And I'll hoy in million dollar baby and Cinderella man
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  14. Dendinho

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    You may run like Hayes. but you hit like shit.
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  15. This.
    Wasn't the original with Burt Reynolds also known as "The Mean Machine"???
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  16. Lord Potts

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    The Fortune Cookie
    Jack Lemmon is flattened by player Luther "Boom Boom" Jackson at a football game. Lemmon's lawyer brother-in-law "whiplash Willie" Ginrich (Walter Matthau) advises Lemmon to exaggerate his injuries and sue.

    Not a lot of football in it but a great film.
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  17. Bishop Boy

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    Correct, bloody good filum
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  18. RokerLegend

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    Yeah I think it was called the Mean Machine in the UK as it was thought a British audience wouldn’t understand the Longest Yard title
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  19. Really enjoyed that, I know nowt about baseball and loved it
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    I forgot about the film '42'. The Jackie Robinson story and how he became the first black pro baseball player to play with the white folk.*
    Good historical drama with the backdrop of brave men wanting to knock down barriers just after WWII. Also gets the seal of approval from Robinson's missus so it's a fairly accurate piece.

    I love baseball. It's just a sport that throws up interesting story after interesting story. Only boxing films rival the sport for good cinema in terms of numbers produced imho.

    *Mebbys - Moses Fleetwood Walker aside.

    I watched that after Cat mentioned it before. It is good.
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