Women with too much perfume

Discussion in 'SMB' started by ravydavygravy, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. ravydavygravy

    ravydavygravy Striker

    Does this wind anyone else up?

    Twice recently an evening has been tainted by random women with too much perfume on in my vicinity. So bad you can literally taste it from a few yards away.

    Fucking horrible like.
  2. yorkyexile

    yorkyexile Striker

    covers the smell of stale jizz in the fat flaps
  3. ravydavygravy

    ravydavygravy Striker

    Normally fatties tbf
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  4. lenshack

    lenshack Striker

    Only problem I had was the Mrs had a nose like a bloodhound.

    She could always sniff it when I got yem.
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  5. yorkyexile

    yorkyexile Striker

    what the stale jizz? :lol:
  6. It's not good if their muff smells and tastes like a bowl of Potpourri like.
  7. Ready salted

    Ready salted Winger

    Women always smell lovely.
    Our fragments are rubbish.
  8. Hate it with all the counters at the front of Boots and women spraying it arl ower the place. Feel like I need a gas mask.

    At least it doesn't seep outside mind like that bloody Lush shop. I get a headache just walking past there.
  9. lenshack

    lenshack Striker

    Nah, the lass I was gannin out with said she was using summat called Lulu.

    It smelt like the inside of a prossies handbag and stunk the house out.
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  10. Le Chuck

    Le Chuck Striker

    Normally its to cover the smell of tobacco i find.
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  11. Blyth_Pirate

    Blyth_Pirate Central Defender

    Love it me like, the whore houses in ze Varterland had an amazing aroma.
  12. peil

    peil Striker Contributor

    Worked with a lass years ago, and when she went out for a fag she'd come back in and spray perfume all over.
    Vile, smelt like a floral ashtray
  13. LiverBird

    LiverBird Full Back

    Cleaning their regions can actually make it smell worse down there. The vag should be left alone rather than have all these femfresh style products used as they are just money making schemes with little or no impact.
  14. Hodgie1979

    Hodgie1979 Central Defender

    Nothing covers fags .. stinks
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  15. Le Chuck

    Le Chuck Striker

    Yeah, you do end up with that curious fag/perfume combo stench. But it is an attempt to mask it.
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  16. lenshack

    lenshack Striker

    Smelly fannies I’m used to, but stinky breath from some forty a day slapper is a definite no no.
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  17. Sidewinder2

    Sidewinder2 Winger

    Does my head in. Gives me a.headache, like when you used to walk into Binns
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  18. Fred Secrets

    Fred Secrets Striker

    Imagine being with a lass who smokes.:lol:
  19. Sidewinder2

    Sidewinder2 Winger

    Imagine anybody smoking these days
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  20. Tex

    Tex Striker

    How gargantually thick as shit do you have to be to take up smoking?

    One of our neighbours has started dipping. We were all round another neighbour’s gaff the other day, just sitting on the patio drinking a beer and he keeps gossing this disgusting brown goss into an empty beer bottle. His missus is a doctor anarl. He started doing it round ours a few weeks ago and I just told our lass either you have a quiet word with him or I’ll have to tell him to leave. Imagine doing that in front of the bairn. Fucking rancid habit.
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