What is the Best Sound System?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Thurston, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. I have a set of Logitech Z906 speakers and they are 500 watt and pretty much the best I have had. I got them from pc world at about £100 less than the list price of 300.
  2. Rizla

    Rizla Winger

    Sonos + Spotify subscription and you won't look back.
  3. safcsafc

    safcsafc Midfield

    This. I have a play 5 and regret not getting 2 play 1s instead.

    Sonos is good if your going to use a subscription like deezer. If not I wouldn't bother. It would be better if it let you stream audio from places like youtube easily.
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  4. Rizla

    Rizla Winger

    I've got two Play 1s and they're excellent, can have 2 in the same room for stereo or have them in different rooms.
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  5. Tex

    Tex Striker

    No highs? No lows? It has to be Bose!

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  6. Expensive sytsems to play mp3s?
  7. r@mside

    r@mside Winger

    Dunno if many people can really tell the difference between 320kbps mp3s and CDs, especially if listening around the house.

    I think the Sonos system sounds pretty good tbf. Bluesound powernode plays 24-bit audio and if paired with good speakers will be superb I imagine. Problem with kit like that is getting to listen to it first, wouldn't want to spend £1500 on something as personal taste as audio from the recommendation of strangers on the Internet.
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  8. Daffy

    Daffy Striker

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  9. Suomifinland

    Suomifinland Goalkeeper

    Get a Naim Muso. 900 quid but pi$$es all over a Sonos etc. Digitise all your cds & it'll stream them in CD quality. Plus all usual music streaming services & Internet radio.

    You run it off a phone app. Bought one last month & its quality. Won't go back to a proper hifi after this.

    You can tell difference between mp3 320 & cd/flac. But depends on original sound quality. A poorly recorded/produced album will found crap whatever. Same goes for a £100 system. But get something well produced (such as any of the MTV unplugged from 90s) and difference is obvious on a decent system.

    BTW, 24 bit audio is pointless. Human ear can't discern differences from CD quality unless trained & in controlled conditions.

    Spend all your money on a decent system & flac files.

    PS. Stick out with bass through a Naim Muso & watch your windows fall out. 450 watts. 6 separate speakers & drivers.
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  10. Thurston

    Thurston Winger

    Good point, well made. Remember the Bang and Olufsen shop in Newcastle generally used to use the Eagles' MTV Unplugged for demos. Recall it sounding fucking amazing.

    JAZZMANB Striker

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  12. The

    The Central Defender

    an arcam or cambrdge audio amp and some dali zensor 7's
  13. AB22 Easy Tiger

    AB22 Easy Tiger Nocturnal Tourist Staff Member Contributor

    All of my music is on my hard drive - the highest quality I could find, as well as an Apple Music subscription and an Amazon Music sub.

    I play it all through my SONOS. I have two 5s, two 3s two 1s, two subs and a playbar.

    Can't argue with the quality. Unless you're true audiophile, I'd recommend SONOS.
  14. Musicman

    Musicman Striker

    Sonos 3 in the sitting room, 4 sonos 1s around the house
  15. monkeytassle

    monkeytassle Striker

    Pair of sonos 1s in my place. Ideally want one more but might link it all in with my telly when I can be arsed.
  16. TheWanderer

    TheWanderer Striker

    Can you just buy the speakers or do you need something to connect them all together?

    Use Spotify from my iPad to the bairns beats pill+ at the moment, but fancy sticking a few speakers around the house.
  17. DiscoPants86

    DiscoPants86 Midfield

    Haven't had a Bose system in the house but if the one in my car is anything to go by then I totally agree.
  18. Dave Herbal

    Dave Herbal Striker

    I'll see that and raise you Saxon.

    And Bruno Brookes voice.
  19. AB22 Easy Tiger

    AB22 Easy Tiger Nocturnal Tourist Staff Member Contributor

    You buy the speakers and set them up on your home wifi


    When you buy additional speakers you just plug them in, set them up on the app and you're away
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  20. Northern

    Northern Midfield

    Yep, another vote for Sonos here.

    Got a 3 and the PlayBar but do quite like the look of the new Playbase actually. Whether its good enough to contemplate selling the Bar and replacing it with that though is another thing altogether

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