Urban badgers

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Flared Hicks, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. The new foxes. There’s a sett in the fields out the front of our house and we regularly get them digging up our beds and lawn. They make a right old mess and their scent drives all the local dogs doolalley, especially if they shit on their travels.

    I’m pretty ok with them tbh as I have no cattle to get TB and as a kid it was really rare to see a Badger other than splattered on the road.

    I was reading up on them and apparently they are increasingly moving into urban areas, like the foxes have over recent years. It’s ace driving round a corner and seeing a Badger scuttling off into the distance.

    Anyone else noticed them encroaching into our towns & cities?
  2. Wilfy

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    One of the few animals I’ve yet to see alive in the wild in this country. Would love to even if they are black and white.
  3. screwjack

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    good name for one of those hippity hop beat combos
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  4. niceonemarra

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    Do you poach?
  5. Poach, scramble, boil, fry. I’m over easy.
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  6. heroesof73

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    Short and Bain, dug themselves into their "Sett" save money ways and dont pop their heads up to see reality the Bassas :evil:
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  8. niceonemarra

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    But Badger is a protected species.
  9. heroesof73

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    he wants lamping marra;)
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  10. niceonemarra

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    Badgers are not eggs.
  11. Aye but let’s face it, you wouldn’t have opened a thread titled “Urban eggs”.
  12. dom

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    Prefer beaver!
  13. niceonemarra

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    That @Flared Hicks is going to get lamped if he keeps carrying on like this.
  14. My dream is to see an otter. They’re making big comebacks as well, apparently.

    Might get myself a boat again. I loved pottering about on the canals watching the kingfishers, herons and water voles.
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  15. riffraff

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    I’ve only seen one and that was in the wild but on an organised badger watch thing. Walked out into the woods and sat around for an hour in silence until it came along sniffing every few steps as they’re a bit short sighted. It knew we were there and we’d been told no perfume or aftershave. They’re stocky so and sos mind.
    Great thing to do. I’d recommend it to anyone.

    If you’re ever down Devon way there’s an otter rescue centre. They’re amazing to watch and funny with it. Never seen one in the wild yet.
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  16. First time I saw some was driving along the A303 by Stonehenge. It was a lovely late summer evening and there was a whole group of them frolicking by the roadside. Was quite magical really.

    As you say, really stocky buggers. I wouldn’t get one riled.
  17. Walter Ego

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    They need culling. Far too many of them.

    Never seen a live badger. See, or more precisely smell, them splattered when I'm out cycling. Big bastards. Wouldn't fight one.
  18. heroesof73

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  19. niceonemarra

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  20. becs

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    I saw some wild otters in France. They were in the Loire near to Chenonceau. We stood and watched them for ages.

    Not seen a badger though. I've lived here 21 years and heard owls often, but it was only recently that I actually saw one. I think it was a tawny owl. It was just sitting in the middle of the lane and it looked mightily cheesed off because it had to move to let my car past :lol:
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