Urban badgers

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  1. Na the embankment drops down to the field. It’s owned by the university now they play American Football on it.

    The Badger sett is on the embankment bit though.
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  2. Stray Cat

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    I really should pay more attention :D
  3. There’s a gridiron pitch marked out, goalposts and everything man :lol:
  4. Stray Cat

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    It was dark last time I was there man
  5. riffraff

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    Paignton/Torquay area iirc. Not sure about Tavistock tbh but it’s near a place called Buckfast which Is possibly connected With the cheap wine the jocks drink.
    There’s a butterfly house next door to the otter place and I’d never been in one of those either......by Christ they’re hot n humid.
  6. Buckfastleigh just off the A38?

    There’s a butterfly place there. There’s Buckfast Abbey close by as well.
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  7. riffraff

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    If the @38 is in Devon then yes. The otter place is next literally next door. You buy a combined ticket and basically go through the butterfly place to get to the otters.
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  8. I pass by there often on the way to the ferry at Plymouth. Might take some time out and pop in one time. Cheers.
  9. Lammi

    Lammi Midfield

    Seen quite a few over the years
    I was once on a woodland footpath at dusk which was also a badger track, one came towards us at speed and had no intention of stopping,
    had to jump aside - massive bastard it was
    not urban like
  10. The abbey is where the monks do the tonic

    Big weasel they are. All the same family

    Badgers and not the monks
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  11. DaveH

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    Have you considered an inflatable kayak? They are a great way to explore waterways and roll up in a small bag.

    There is a campsite in Sussex I have been to where they regularly see badgers. I went out walking in the woods at dusk and managed to see a couple. I have seen a couple crossing the roads round here too and there was a dead one yesterday morning.

    I have been making a wildlife trail camera which I want to get running on battery and leave in the woods near a badger trail to see if I can get any shots.
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  12. Teejay

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    Now live in Edinburgh on the outskirts and often see them at dusk if I’m out running. They sometimes stand their ground and hiss at you. Scarey bastards.
  13. Arkle

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    If you want to stop them from digging up your beds, don't let them in the house ;)

    I don't recall seeing a live badger in the wild, just the roadkill version.
  14. They were out and about last night. Churned all the beds up and starting to make a sizeable hole in the hedge where they are coming through into the garden.
  15. RichD

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    I was lucky enough to see 4 wild badgers a few years ago in Northumberland, we were on a overnight camp and there was a set about 500 yards from where we were. The land owners son took us up as it was getting dark he had thrown a few peanuts on the ground, great sight.
  16. Apparently they go wild for the old peanuts.
  17. RichD

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    The lad told us it was a great way to get them out of the set.
  18. Billy Rocket

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    How many in the shopping centre altogether?
  19. Nee badgers here.

    But there is a fox knocking around that is the size of a pony. Would leave a big dent in the car if you hit it.

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