Urban badgers

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Flared Hicks, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. heroesof73

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    Rants man, ages since you started a thread on one:lol:
  2. Step away from the gin bottle man, grandma.
  3. heroesof73

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    @tunstall birdman wants to see a live Beaver:lol:;)
  4. We used to have a tawny owl come and land on the climbing frame in the back garden. Haven’t heard it for a while now you come to mention it.

    Well jealous of your otter spotting mind.
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  5. hoggs11

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    Seen them in the night about my place but once in broad daylight in the middle of summer in between the swaths of straw. I drove past it in, git big fucker bold as brass. It was in the field i have behind a pub, the badger may have just been for a pint.
  6. Chesterladmackem

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    Was in Grassmere a couple of years ago around November, and saw one walking down the path through the village bold as brass, taking no notice of cares, people etc.
  7. niceonemarra

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    I saw a homeless person.

    Are you accusing me of being an alcoholic pisshead with issues that relate to too much drinking and not enough thinking?
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  8. dom

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    I see owls all the time. Absolutely amazing watching them fly.
    Not too keen when they attack little birds nests though. :-(
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  9. becs

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    There's a number of nesting birds in my garden and next door. Mainly blackbirds and tits. A sparrowhawk pops in now and again and helps itself to the little birds. I know it's nature but I was a bit sad one day when Mrs Blackbird was sitting on the fence screeching like mad while the sparrowhawk was merrily ripping up Mr Blackbird and eating him :(
  10. dom

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    Yeah a friend of mine sees the power of the sparrowhawk in his garden,it’s a bit gruesome!
  11. ---Nemo---

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    Two badgers use the back path past my gaff almost every night. One is a decent size, the other is quite small. The big one almost walked into me one late summer evening. I could hear the sound of his claws on the path as he approached so I stood as still as I could as he strolled into view as cool as you like. He was no more than couple of yards away when he finally raised his head, spotted me, and then bolted off through the bushes. They can shift when they want to. :)
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  12. Just outside Tavistock
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  13. becs

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    There was no real mess mind. I went out after the sparrowhawk had gone and there was just a pile of feathers and a yellow beak left behind.
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  14. Badgers are lovely animals to look at but are quite contentious at the moment.
    Never saw one for years but see them regular now.
  15. Stray Cat

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    Field?? :lol:
  16. mcq10

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    Saw a couple before. I always assumed they were small animals like rabbits.

    Big fuckers in real life.

    Love winding the father in law up about protecting them (he’s a farmer).
  17. Stray Cat

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    I once saw a badger walking down our road. It was on the path and making a right clacky racket with its long nails.

    Massive it was too.
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  19. The playing field out front before the racecourse
  20. Stray Cat

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    I thought there was just a bit of an embankment then the race course.

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