Under 25s turning backs on alcohol?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by yyy, Oct 10, 2018.

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    Ha'way Teed, you're better than that!
  2. The good old days.
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    When men were men.

    My miner granda would be on the lash sunday morning, kicked out at 2, dinner waiting, papers n snooze then back out when the club reopens.

    Us faggots would be brayed by our lasses trying that on now.:lol:
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  4. You're not wrong!
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    The internet has killed everything.

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    On a side note ,smoking is alive and kicking with kids in Spain
  7. I'm Spartacus

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    So while smoking, drinking and teenage pregnancies are going down in under 25's their mental health is deteriorating rapidly.

    Who would have thought getting pissed with yer mates, smoking tabs and bucking bareback is the way forward for a happy life :lol:
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    I'm 55 and didn't drink til 17 and then it wasn't because drink was nice ,it was a social thing and quite a chore at first .Keeping up with your mates like a man etc
  9. I'm Spartacus

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    Coke, anabolic steroids, fake tan and moisturiser by the looks of the fuckers...
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    Some more than others ;)
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    In Portugal recently, loads of spanish n french families all puffing away, one lass looked about 12:lol:
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    :lol: Just a joke man.
  13. She said no m'lord, she said no...
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    Didn't do my any harm like
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  15. The problem with the younger generation drinking in America, is they cant just go out and have a drink. They seem to have to turn every session into a drinking game. And lets be honest, you're shit at drinking in my experience. So everyone is absolutely fucked, early doors. ;):lol:

    FFS. :lol:

    Can I google this on a work computer without getting sacked? :lol:
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    Vapes, chief. Vapes.
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    Cracking post marra....one of mine goes to " spoons" (sounds poncy when he says it) and he reckons he goes in with mates sits down and never goes to bar ..orders from his phone...im getting old..how anti social is that..(suppose at least he goes to the boozer tho)....best times of my life ( i think) spent under a haze of alcohol...i am one who still loves(after 40 years of being in them) the pub and being around folk and would say its a great British institution .Long may days/ nights with mates and family in the pub comtinue( each to their own mind)
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    I'm probably a around same age as you and all my friends of a similar age are the same, love the booze (and some the drugs).

    Can't speak for anyone under the age of 25 as I try not to associate with the insta-wankers.
  19. The Lonious Monk

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    There does seem to be an extreme with the youth as far as drinking is concerned. They are either out there getting completely smashed or they don't touch alcohol at all. There's no moderation.

    I enjoy a good glass of wine or a beer with my dinner and then a jazz cigarette* in the end of the day to wind down. Moderation:cool:

    Edit: *I forgot I have to give copyright @Charmless Man every time I use that term.
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    Younguns are proper soft cocks these days, playing fifa til 1am, not like when I was their age and I was a rock hard fighter and monkey trainer.
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