Under 25s turning backs on alcohol?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by yyy, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. yyy

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    Under-25s 'turning their backs on booze'

    Nearly 30% of young people in England do not drink, study finds

    The main reasons may be health messages getting through especially at school.

    However, I think other forms of entertainment may be playing a part.

    Someone I know asked his younger employees how they spent a weekend. Rather than go for a few beers, they'd go round to each other's houses to play games and perhaps a couple of times a month go to a club. Beer wasn't the main thing for them.

    I get the impression the times I have been out in recent years that there seems to be very slightly fewer young men out though I still see plenty younger lasses.

    Or are people telling porkies in these surveys (less likely)?
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  2. Slow joe

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    Ridicilous that.
  3. TheWanderer

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    As I've picked the bairn up 3 times, twice in hospital and once from the police full of drink, and she's not even 16 yet...i can safely say that at least one of my three hasnt turned their back on it! :evil:
  4. And useless little bastards still can't afford a deposit.

    :lol: Sorry.

    Did they not learn there lesson after the first trip to hospital.
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  5. oROSSo

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    the lads these days are all too busy doing sit ups, plucking their eyebrows and preening their hair, before they know it, it's 3am and they've missed their night out
  6. TheWanderer

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    For a clever lass, shes absolutley no common sense!

    I've since sat her down and explained that drinking 40% vodka and mixer the same way and amount as 5% cider, is going to have very different outcomes! :rolleyes:
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  7. Phantom of mobs

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    Maybe the price has something to do with it.
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  8. Some do some don’t. Bosses daughter sounds like more of a pisshead than me when I was in my early twenties but my daughter goes out far less than I did at her age, and when she does go out it often involves food, something that still doesn’t really interest me. Some of her mates seem to go out a little more, but nowt like on the scale me and the missus did at her age. She’s far more likely to have weekends away than we did at her age though. Basically goes out a lot less but when she does she spends a lot more as she’s out of town.
  9. PTR

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    Its been a gradual decline for over a decade, but the media's fixed view of "problem youth binge drinking" stopped it from being reported.
  10. Space Hopper

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    I used to drink a lot in the 80's. Now I don't even bother to look at the thermostat.
  11. I have a few drinks socially but rarely go for 'nights out'. Most i drink is when at an away game etc. Rather spend money on other things than drink
  12. soapster

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    it may be the influx of muslims or other religious bodies who don't drink, especially the women.

    I know a good few muslim men who have no problem with alcohol but most muslim women don't drink alcohol.

    This is not a dig at muslims or anybody else as I still eat fish on a Friday.
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  13. Harry Angstrom

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    She will learn:lol:
    Hopefully get it out of her system.

    Mine likes a party but after a couple of bad times she is pretty good now. She is also 22.
  14. yyy

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    This is what the lad I knew said. His young employees would spend their wages on games and other things and might buy a few cans if there was money left over. A club a couple of times a month was thrown in as I said.

    This tells me the pub trade has to evolve to offer more than booze, with special food nights and other entertainment becoming the norm to keep people interested.

    This trend will screw over the local pub trade in addition to price rises and, ten years ago, the smoking ban.
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  15. PTR

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    And the award for bizarre post of the day.........
  16. joemcdokes

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    Probably can't afford to, what with the coke they snort.
  17. Kevsgreat

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    My youngest sister (no) has never been into going out for a drink the same way me and my brother did. There would've rarely been a weekend either of us were sober at her age. Seeing us clowns is probably what put her off :lol:

    People are probably more health conscious now and they know overdoing it isn't going to help anything. More pubs and bars market themselves as places to eat now as well. Probably more likely to go out and have a meal then drive home.
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  18. Discopants91

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    Barely been sober since turning 18.
  19. Andy_Roker1983

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    From the young people I know in the family and through Friends it does seem that they not as interested in drinking in comparison to how I was at that age. My 16 year old nephew is allowed a few drinks at family gatherings but most the time he doesn’t even bother.

    Not sure why maybe it’s a change in society, technology, social media.

    Sport and fitness seem to be more popular than ever and with snap chat, Facebook and all the rest there’s also the element of showing themselves up and it being recorded. Teens don’t have to leave the house to speak with anyone these days.

    When I was 16-24 all I cared about was getting pissed as often as possible :lol:
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