U2 Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary Tour

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Paddy O'Dors, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. marsey

    marsey Winger

    And me!

    Wasn't expecting them till about a week before the gig.

    My Dublin ones were print at home.
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  2. Boinger

    Boinger Winger

    Saw them on the original tour. One of the best concerts I've been to.

    Then Bono went up his own arse. Won't be bothering 30 yrs on.
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  3. b1gals

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  4. Artie Fufkin

    Artie Fufkin Midfield

    Watched a few videos from the Vancouver show. Visually brilliant, not sure they were on the money but it's to be expected on opening night. Was right into them when The Joshua Tree was released, but me mother wouldn't let me go to the Murrayfield gig - I was 14 at the time. Saw them many times since, Zoo TV at Roundhay Park probably the best gig I've ever seen, but really not sure I want to see them re-treading this classic. :neutral:
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  5. Free tickets sent to everyone but most will be returned with complaints.
  6. the walrus

    the walrus Winger

    'Sunday Bloody Sunday'. What a great song. It really encapsulates the frustration of a Sunday, doesn't it? You wake up in the morning, you've got to read all the Sunday papers, the kids are running round, you've got to mow the lawn, wash the car, and you think "Sunday, bloody Sunday!".

    WASTID Striker

    Not going to watch or read to much about it personally as don't want to know the show inside out before Dublin. But was disappointed in the setlist from opening night.

    Really looking forward to the Joshua Tree stuff, well mainly the second half of the album, but wish they'd give the likes of Sunday Bloody Sunday a rest and disappointed to see One is back on the rota.

    It's pretty clear what they're doing with these gigs though since they started with Sunday Bloody Sunday then closed with a new track which is clearly a pointer to the new stuff / gigs that are to come.
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  8. mutley

    mutley Winger

    ^^Alan Partridge^^
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  9. Sam Handwich

    Sam Handwich Winger

    Thats a massive screen that like. And i thought the Popmart one was big.
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  10. Bonzo

    Bonzo Central Defender

    When was the album first out, still got it some were and still unplayed
  11. jacko100

    jacko100 Winger

    The clue is in the thread title
  12. Bonzo

    Bonzo Central Defender

    Still haven't listened to it:D
  13. They're on I'm Alan Partridge shortly.
    "The Edge is feyne."
    "The drummer is feyne."
    "At a pap cancert."
  14. Nor me. Not any more.
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  15. b1gals

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  16. WASTID

    WASTID Striker

    Album on order, looking forward to seeing where the European dates are and what I can get to.... could be a busy summer with Pearl Jam also expected in Europe next yr as well.
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  17. Fletch

    Fletch Striker

    are they doing any more dates UK ?
  18. Dinsdale

    Dinsdale Winger

    saw a clip of one of the concerts. Really like the new* version of Red Hill Mining Town.

    * I did read that the original version was supposed to have the brass band in but Eno or Lanois took them out (I forget which) and overdubbed guitars to thicken the sound up.
  19. Brett

    Brett Striker

    Gutted sunderland stopped doing gigs as u2 would have been amazing
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  20. b1gals

    b1gals Winger

    U2 have teamed up with Ticketmaster to operate a 'Verified Fan' access to tickets. Customers could subscribe for a priority access code to give them first choice of the tickets and to prevent 'scalpers and bots' from getting tickets. It hasn't has gone very well .... there's hundreds on resale sites for every venue in the USA .... including Ticketmaster who were the 'partner' in trying to stamp out ticket resales :rolleyes:.
    Viagogo have 202 tickets listed for resale for the NY 2nd gig and they don't go on sale until Monday !https://www.viagogo.co.uk/Concert-Tickets/Rock-and-Pop/U2-Tickets/E-2470157

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