True Detective Season 3

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Venkman, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. As long as It's better than series 2, it will pass with flying colours.
  2. The scene where it falls off
  3. HABA87

    HABA87 Winger

    The first 2 episodes are quality.


    Would binge if all were available.
  4. Enjoyed it. Like you say, very similar in style and atmosphere to series 1 which was a bit disappointing.
  5. Pricey

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    Another fucking mumbler in the lead role I see :evil:

    It seems much better when you can binge watch (like netflix shows) as you notice things from episode to episode much better, at the end of that second episode I was wondering where he was, why was it significant? is it significant? probably because a week has gone past and I'm not remembering it so good. That street sign that was shown, is it where the kids lived ?
  6. ouro

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    Yet when I tried to get my wife interested in S1 she gave up bored. Women.
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  7. Barnacle Boy

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    This is excellent even if it's basically a remake of the first series
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  8. Barnacle Boy

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  9. Kobayashi

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    Correct. Spoiling my enjoyment of a decent couple of episodes.
  10. Barnacle Boy

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    Bit pissed off that the best scene of the series so far was spoiled by Ali mumbling. Genuinely funny and touching end to last night's episode nonetheless.
  11. jackynutmeg

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    Watched the 3rd episode on Sunday and it is starting to get on my tits.
    That bit in the restaurant with him and his bird went on far too long and meant fuck all.
    His mumbling is getting on my tits anarl.
  12. Venkman

    Venkman Winger

    Loved tonights. All starting to click together now.

    anyone think Roland is part of the conspiracy? Didn't show a shot of the street when he looked out of Wayne's window. Although not clear whether there are cars watching him or it's delusion as part of his illness
  13. Richy Fingers

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    Season 1 was so good that everything after just seems shit in comparison. Same with Fargo.

    I'll bingewatch this once the season ends. Only 2 episodes to go.
  14. HABA87

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    I hadn;t thought of that.

    I haven't been paying 100% attention but
    where was that bloke security guard for - interviewed at the start and then appeared at the end? The pink place, what and where is it? Has Julie been pimped out?


    did the bloke with the gammy eye go off on one?
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  15. Barnacle Boy

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    Nah, I thought that for a second but I reckon its a red herring
  16. Barnacle Boy

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    At the factory owner's kip. Looks like the lass has been locked in a room underground
    Gammy eye kicked off because Hays and West suspected him when the kids first went missing
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  17. HABA87

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    The whole factory thing passed me by until they were asking the guard gadgee why he was paid so much. Can't recall it being in other episodes, but that's why I prefer a good old binge rather than a weekly drip feed.
  18. Yogi

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    It's not actually the same character, this is a new character with a similar eye injury. It's presumably the man they were searching for at the beginning when came across the gammy eye bloke you're talking about. That's why Hayes' lass mentioned something to do with the straw dolls after he'd finished kicking off, as they never did find the real person behind buying those dolls.
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  19. Barnacle Boy

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    Must be the South Shields of the deep south with all those gammy eyed gadies then :lol:
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  20. Yogi

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