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Discussion in 'SMB' started by PixieFaceFTM, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. SAFC Wilks

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    Well he'll order Eugene to shoot one of them maybe, it'll just be a smart test for Negan to carry out to see if Eugene is actually loyal to the saviours or not.
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  2. The Master

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    Compare this episode to any from season 1, just because this episode was one of the better ones from this very poor season doesn't make it good.

    The show is moving at a snail pace and it's not a case of setting the show up nicely, this entire season fuck all has happened.

    One good thing to come out of this episode is that it looks like Morgan and Carol are back to their normal selves.
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    Wish they'd stop focusing on one person at a time, it knacks up the timeline and gives the impression that they're getting nowhere

    It was one of the best from this season but that's not saying much

    Glad cocknose got bumped off, ever since he tried to frame Carol his days were numbered
  4. Botchie

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    Nothing has happened? We've been introduced to loads of new characters, two main characters got their head caved in and there's going to be fucking hell on.
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    I enjoyed last nights episode in comparison to the last few, maybe because I'd had 5 cans watching the match. Maybe that's what I need to do in future :lol:
  6. The Master

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    Which I've already said should have been last season if the show didn't move so slowly.
    Introduction to new characters doesn't move a story forward, I've said this before but a slow moving story done correctly is Breaking Bad. There's going to be hell on next season, makes you think that this entire season is basically filler till that point.

    Exactly my thoughts, the format of one character group at a time really hurts the show, if they could have easily fitted the Sasha and Rosita storyline into this episode so it would seem a faster moving plot. It's obvious that they're just desperately trying to pad everything out till next season now as they don't want to start the saviour war till then.

    One of the best episodes from one of the worst seasons
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  7. Dappa

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    Great episode that. Morgan sharpening his tool at the end man :lol:
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  8. Hulkster

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    Another vote for ending this theme of focusing on one group per episode.

    When you watch an episode, when you tune in the following week you want to see what happened next, not see it bounce to another plot line.
  9. The Master

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    If next week is the Sasha and Rosita storyline then it will take 3 weeks from when Tara told Rick about the women camp to find out what's happening there, it's ridiculous. It's as if the show is made for Netflix where all episodes get released and you can binge watch them.

    Never seen a show with a worse story structure, take out the filler shit in each episode and make it so each season is only about 10 episodes long with quality content throughout.
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    I fell asleep watching it, getting bored. Needs some gratuitous violence, a proper Rick esq, going to fuck up this entire jail with a hatchet breakdown. Not waltz down the street with me stick giving it a bit restrained slap about. Think the fact that the walkers are no longer much of a threat has forced them into different ways to use 'filler' hence why it's taken more from the comics in recent series. Gives me something to do on a Monday so i'll probably keep watching it, but this series has been a bit of a drag.
  11. Hulkster

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    Just seen the trailer for next week and it's Sasha and Rosita.
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  12. The Master

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    Can't wait
  13. the pacing recently makes the Hershel's Farm season look like a speed fuelled rollercoaster ride - everything is telegraphed to fuck - Carol had turned her back on her peace-loving farm girl phase and transformed back into WAR-CAROL, now who would have thought that would have happened in the last few episodes running up to the season finale cliffhanger?
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  14. Unless they're lezzing it up, I'm not expecting great things. Most episodes are so boring I'm messing about on my phone by half way through. I'm going to hang in until the end of the series and most likely give up. I suffer enough from watching Sunderland, I don't need this.
  15. The Master

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    Probably the two worst characters in the show, imagine Game of Thrones if they stuck with Daenerys for an entire episode, then Sansa In the next episode, then switched it to Jon in the third. We'd probably only just be getting up to the red wedding in season 7.
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  17. Adamoah

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    Hardly a thrilling episode, it just doesn't make sense that peoples favourite characters - i.e. Daryl are just cast aside for a couple of episodes to focus on what ultimately is a side plot. I'd understand having one per season but you see side episodes 3,4,5 times a season. Atleast give us something meaningful or interesting, like show us how Negan came to be Negan.

    You should be used to watching zombies perform week in week out, I know I am.
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  18. tooliohelmet

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    Lifeless slow paced plodding Sunderland fans cant get enough apparently!
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  19. Gerrin, Carol is going to go fucking crackers - she could take the Saviours out nigh on single handed :cool:. My favourite character tbh, I kept thinking "look at the pretty flowers" and imagining her with an RPG like when she rocked up and saved everyone at the Terminus :lol:.

    Cant wait til Carol meets Negan like, he'll think "ahh look at the sad little vulnerable housewife" :lol:.
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  20. Christian Serratos is on Talking Dead next week so at least something to look forward to.
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