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    Superb. Just getting better and better imo.
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    sadly i know pretty much everything that's happening in the next 3 episodes
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    im in a closed group on facebook they used to be public and post spoilers etc for people who wanted to see spoilers, bacially they have people who live in the area taking photos of the set etc etc...but i am ussiming they also have someone on the inside who leaks stuff as they are pretty much spot on everyweek for example this is what they posted on the

    8th of march

    Big thanks as always to our wonderful source!

    Q&A Episode 7.13 "Bury Me Here"

    In the sneak peek, Carol is marching through the Kingdom gates and asks for Morgan. Why is she looking for Morgan and what happens?

    Carol finally has an epiphany and begins to question why Jesus brought Rick's group to the Kingdom in the first place. So she goes to the Kingdom to ask Morgan straight up what happened in Alexandria and whether everyone is ok. However, Morgan refuses and tells her if she wants to know, she'll have to go to Alexandria to find out (and he offers to go with her to Alexandria). They don't go, and she leaves.

    How does Ben die?

    A conflict is caused because the Kingdom comes up short during a supply drop. They were supposed to deliver 12 melons, and there's only 11. (#melongate). That's because Richard hid 1 of them, hoping to cause a fight that resulted in his death. Richard gets into it with Jared again and just when Jared is about to shoot Richard in the head, he turns and shoots Ben in the leg. It ruptures his femoral artery, and he bleeds to death.

    Do we see Morgan regress back into "crazy" Morgan?

    Oh hell yes, and then some! Morgan goes completely apeshit after Benjamin is killed and has a crapload of flashbacks from not only the "Clear" episode but also from the Pilot when Duane was still alive.

    Does Morgan get his stick back? How?

    Yes. After Benjamin is killed, apparently Jared dropped Morgan's stick. So when they return to the scene to retrieve Benjamin's stick, they get Morgan's too.

    How does Richard die?

    Morgan finds out that Richard sabotaged the drop for the Saviors in an attempt to enrage the Saviors so that they would kill him. This is all in the hopes of causing an event to get Ezekiel to move to war. But it only gets Benjamin killed. So Morgan attacks Richard and strangles him to death.

    What's going on with that grave with the "Bury Me Here" sign?

    Richard digs the grave. Later in the episode after Morgan kills Richard he buries him there and finds that "Katy" backpack of Richard's that we have seen a couple times.

    Does Morgan tell Carol about Abe and Glenn? What is her reaction?

    Yes, and also about Spencer and Olivia. So she packs her bags and goes to the Kingdom and tells him they need to get ready to fight.

    How does Carol try convincing Ezekiel to go to war?

    She doesn't really have to do any convincing because when she tells Ezekiel they have to get ready to fight he says he knows.

    How does the episode end?

    The episode ends with Carol at the Kingdom. She helps Ezekiel and Benjamin's little brother plant a new garden. There's also a flash of Morgan sharpening his stick.
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    Well now I wanna know what happens in the next episode :lol:
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    She announced last week that she's pregnant........
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    this is just a breif breakdown there ill be a more detailed one this week

    Characters: Maggie, Daryl, Sasha, Eugene, Rosita, Negan, Simon, Jesus, Enid, Gregory, Dr. Harlan Carson, Saviors

    Location: Hilltop, Sanctuary


    * Sasha and Rosita apparently go rogue on a mission to the Sanctuary. Seems like they are on a suicide mission to take out Negan on their own.

    * There’s a scene where Rosita and Sasha set a car on fire. Then later another scene where a few Saviors are herding walkers into storage containers, using water jugs to cover their heads. Rosita and Sasha take out these Saviors.

    * Sasha makes it inside the Sanctuary while Rosita does not.

    * There are rumors that Eugene gets an opportunity to be rescued but turns it down. What’s goin’ on there, Eugene?

    * Saviors come to Hilltop and take Dr. Harlan Carson. Maggie and Daryl have to hide and are almost discovered.

    * There's whispers that it will be revealed that Jesus is gay.
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    Sounds shite :lol: still be watching like
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    That's her dead then. :eek:

    A cast member appearing on Talking Dead is the equivalent of a of Star Trek character wearing a red shirt. :lol:
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    Jesus is a bummer!!!:lol:
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    she aint dead
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    Yet! ;)
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    The bit were the lass said "I just pissed myself" was quite amusing in the last epsisode.

    Anyone else think the junkyard crew are going to stitch Rick and everyone else up? That they are just another group who the Saviours have already got control of ? If i was Rick i wouldnt be handing over a shit load of guns to people who i have met once. Aye fair enough share with the Hilltop and Kingdom but not the emo's.

    Wonder how many of the womens group Tara is going to have to lezz on with to get them to fight? At least 20 I reckon.
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    Good god, is the walking dead now being written by Ftwd writers ? Has the budget been Ellis Shorted ? Down hill? its dropped of a cliff.
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    I think it's now best watching in a recorded format.That way you can skip the boring bits.
  17. Well, they thought about letting something happening, but decided against it. I think Moyes is in charge of the script.
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    ftwd = Fear The Walking Dead
  19. *Happen. Predictive text
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    If you played the interesting and relevant parts you'd get about 8 minutes

    The rest was a lot of talking and wandering about filling in the time with a token zombie or two to remind us we're not watching an episode of Dawson's Creek

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