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The Sun newspaper

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by Masterplan, May 1, 2012.

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  1. Gaz

    Gaz Striker

    Disgraceful but not surprising from the Sun. Probably one of Harry's mates, arseholes
  2. oi oi

    oi oi Full Back

  3. Pancho

    Pancho Striker Staff Member Contributor

    Re: Roy Hodgson

    It's a lame brained jibe that isn't improved with repetition.
  4. rockaway

    rockaway Striker

    Re: Roy Hodgson

    Can i still tell him he looks like Miss Marple?


    Or a little red cross.... whatever
    Last edited: May 2, 2012
  5. Re: Roy Hodgson

    Dont think its meant with any real venom. Im more annoyed by the supposed "shock" that anyone but Churchill got the job.
  6. Reptilia

    Reptilia Winger

    This, it's practically a lads mag for a tenth of the price, easy reading with pictures of tits as an added bonus.
  7. Agree. I would never buy it. Its little englander policy is an embarrassment.

    Wont let the truth get in way of a chance to spout out their right wing pro establishment agenda. The cockneys love that paper. :roll:
  8. Uncle Nucky

    Uncle Nucky New Member

    The fuckers would have initially hyped up our chances of winning the Euros to crazy new heights, only to cause a shit storm as the tournament approached.

    I'm starting to think Hodgson was a shewrd appointment by the FA.
  9. Bamber

    Bamber Winger

    Simon Cowell is Cheryl Coles daddy!?!?
  10. Spargel

    Spargel Winger

    Triffic journalism. :roll::roll::roll::roll:
  11. Daz...

    Daz... Striker

    Only yesterday they dealt with somebody's complaint, so I imagine it is
  12. Feel sorry for him me, a good manager with a good record, I personally think it was a good choice
  13. Pancho

    Pancho Striker Staff Member Contributor

    It's a piss poor excuse for a newspaper published by serially corrupt organisation that will stop at nothing to get a story.

    It's a sad indictment when The Sun is the country's best selling daily paper.

    Perhaps we should also include the press in the old adage that you get government you deserve.
  14. Stanley Knife

    Stanley Knife Central Defender

    There are plans to replace but it still exists.
  15. DaveyLad

    DaveyLad New Member

    weally cannot stand The Sun. makes the Beano look educational.

    wonder who his strikers will be tho....Wooney, Cwouch, Zamowa or maybe Wickham if he plays well.
  16. pweller

    pweller Winger

    Re: Roy Hodgson

    Fwuck Off
  17. Pancho

    Pancho Striker Staff Member Contributor

    Re: Roy Hodgson

    And they say satire is dead.
  18. FunkyIguana

    FunkyIguana Winger

    Which paper asked the question about apartheid? That was fucking shambolic.
  19. The Pub Landlord

    The Pub Landlord Goalkeeper

    Has he wealeased wodger yet?
  20. Middle East Mackem

    Middle East Mackem Subs Bench

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