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Hetzkes Ballet Teacher said:
As you well know I havent said that they do.

Secondly, the AOL as a facility is way more than bricks and mortar - there are medical facilities, teaching facilities, etc, etc.

More empty buildings, and they will only produce quality players if staffed by quality people. IMO it was foolish in the extreme for Murray to invest a fortune on an academy and then sack the man he'd claimed was the best in the business in order to save pennies. I wouldn't argue about it's potential for the future but that's not the point, my point was/is that even when Murray makes a good decision he hasn't the balls to see it through. Would you spend a fortune building a fabulous ocean liner and then replace the Captain with a man who used to run the Hylton ferry?

Thirdly, as I already said, I cant recall a single player we've signed who hasn't raved about the facilities and given them as a reason for wanting to join (whether or not the signings have been good ones is a wholly separate issue - the issue here is that we have something, not someone, that attracts footballers by getting across that, ups and downs in form aside, we are a proper football club).

Be honest, who have we managed to attract to the club since the academy opened? If we trained on tarmac but played in the Champs league we'd attract better players. TBH I'm not really impressed by the fact that players from the likes of Mansfield think that they've died and woken up at Arsenal.

Lastly, and again, a new AOL director can be appointed at any time consistent with our ability (when it returns) to pay for the best. But you cant do that unless you've got the actual facilities, which we now have.


The AOL is a long term investment. It may and probably will be many years before it unearths a real gem of a young player, but when it eventually does, the difference it makes to the club as a whole will be staggering (look at what "unearthing" Rooney has done for England).

Agreed. This is why the sacking was so short sighted, Murray had it right IMO, sadly, as ever he lacked the balls to see through, he reverted to type and chose to save the pennies.
Lets agree to differ on this one eh fella? :lol:

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