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Discussion in 'Gold' started by Premiership, Nov 12, 2005.

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  1. My Boy Harry

    My Boy Harry Striker

    Other way around IMHO.

    You can build anything you like for £20m, but if you place someone in charge who, IMHO, is clearly out of their depth at the expense of a bloke who ran the ajax Academy then you are just paying lip service to your youth it is now being proved by the fact that we have absolutely nothing coming through.
  2. ---Nemo---

    ---Nemo--- Striker

    Absolute total horse shite. It's the quality of training routines, the leadership and guidance, the selection of the kids etc. the bricks amd mortar only mean something to an accountant. Have you seen Crewe's training facilities?
  3. ceefax cat 2

    ceefax cat 2 Guest

    The 'face value' is not the net assets as per the accounts.

    football clubs are usually valued around 1 to 1.5 x turnover although man u as a premium business went for 4 times. Well do 45m in the prem and 25 - 30m in the coca cola. assume an average turnover therefore of 35m.

    this puts a value of 35m to 50m on the business knock of the debt and your looking at 0 to 20m for the equity. 10m is about right which means 5m for control
  4. Nemo and MBH you are talking absolute shite. Saying that the AOL loses its importance because the human being who was appointed to run it at one instance in time was sacked is like saying the SOL lost its importance when Reid was sacked, and should be dismantled.

    You really need to give yourselves a good shake.
  5. My Boy Harry

    My Boy Harry Striker

    IMHO youre strating to defend the indefensible.

    there is absolutely nothing coming through the youth system which completely ifails to vindicate the purpose of spending £20m on it.

    As Nemo says, the training ground could cost buttons, but would prove its worth because of what it produces.

    As it stands the new academy is about as worthwhile as the old training ground we had.

    No difference in product at all.

    again, any fool can build a £20m structure. Get nowt out of it and youve wasted your money.
  6. ---Nemo---

    ---Nemo--- Striker

    Give myself a shake? Lord are you off the mark. :lol:

    Using that logic we should have been a top class side ever since we moved to the SOL. :lol:

    How on earth do bricks and mortar make a difference to the quality of players we produce? Explanation please.
  7. So are you saying that the AOL can only produce if run by Kees Zwamborn?
  8. My Boy Harry

    My Boy Harry Striker

    ...or someone like that.

    What the club needs is a credible alternative to the current incumbants IMHO. If we spend £20m on a facility we should be matching that with a "£20m man to run it". You dont IMHO hand to over to someone with no track record of running such a complex.

    Zwamborn had the credentials but was peddled due to cost. A plainly short sighted move IMHO.
  9. stubber

    stubber Striker

    Murray admitted at the time that the criteria for dismissing Kees was financial. That says it all. Murray is utterly clueless.
  10. steve30000

    steve30000 Striker

    it would help, i suppose. seeing as this person would know what he is doing, so we could produce good young footballers. not rocket science. :neutral:
  11. ceefax cat 2

    ceefax cat 2 Guest

    but you have a more cavalier about who you are happy to hand the whole club over to
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  12. steve30000

    steve30000 Striker

    :confused: is this windy?
  13. My Boy Harry

    My Boy Harry Striker

    I'm not cavalier at all.

    I would like a more credible person at the helm of the Academy just as I would like someone more credible at the helm of the football club.

    the club isnt delivering on just about any front.
  14. Monument View

    Monument View Midfield

    To skip to the chase Murray is trying to put blame and onus on fans again by saying that any protest will affect the teams performance.
    This is utter purile rubbish the reason why we are so upset is because the team is put it bluntly "utter rubbish" and the results are atrocious.
    Get real Bob you "side stepper" you should have been on "come dancing" trying to manovuere out of this one.
    If the team was only average we wouldn't be so annoyed but the truth is that we are the "laughing stock" of the Premier yet again.
    We are woeful and you are the chief architect of another "humiliating season in the making"
    Don't forget of fans lost money at £5.85 a share because of your inept management.
    "We will never be relegated again and when he goes(Reid) I GO"
    How can anyone believe anything quoted by yourself?
    You must be able to find someone to buy your shares at 5 p each.
    Some fans lost £5.54 you can stand a loss of 11p even on your huge quantity.
    Enough excuses from you Bob just go please.
    I haven't read any other posts on this matter but in my opinion every time he opens his mouth(bm) he puts his foot in it
  15. A lot of things (and people) have been "peddled" due to tight financial constraints. That has been unavoidable.

    Just like the "cheap" players bought in the last 3 years, we hope that it's temporary and that, with some luck, we'll move upmarket again before too long.

    So the important thing for now is that we have and maintain the facilities. I cant think of a single player signed (or retained) who hasnt mentioned their importance, but I dont know of one who has said "I am am signing for Sunderland because they have Mr. Zwamborn."

    To say that Zwamborn is/was more important than the AOL, which is clearly what you said, is lunacy.
  16. ceefax cat 2

    ceefax cat 2 Guest

    is it easier to spell cavalier or remember our championship wins of the 90's
  17. ---Nemo---

    ---Nemo--- Striker

    You're floundering around a little now and putting words in peoples mouths, let's just step back to the point. I'm waiting for an explanation as to how bricks and mortar will improve the quality of players we produce at Sunderland.
  18. My Boy Harry

    My Boy Harry Striker

    The players will be shown around and will be impressed with the facilities. I have no doubt about that. youre now intertwining 2 separate questions/issues.

    If you judge it by the impact it might have on signing first team players (who would come anyway - if you play for Mansfield or Oxford you'll come irrespective of the facilities) then they would be won over (they'd be won over by owt I assume if you came from Waterford).

    However if we judge the success of the facility on what it is supposed to do, enable the production of good youth team players, then so far (and its early days granted) it hasnt produced.

    It has to produce.
  19. Not at all, in fact it is you who are wriggling. You said:

    "Imagine investing an absolute fortune in an Academy as opposed to pitch side and all the while telling the fans that this was the only credible way to go and then sacking the bloke he'd brought in to run it to save peanuts."

    My point was/is simple - the existance of the AOL is what is important, not the employment of Zwamborn (who is not the only man in the world who can run it).

    Can I make that any simpler for you?
  20. steve30000

    steve30000 Striker

    exactly. otherwise it was a waste of cash.
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