Suez Canal blocked

That tonnage shown is Gross Tonnage and is not really tonnage by weight. It's a measure of the ship's internal volume in m³ then converted to tonnes by using a multiplier. Its actual tonnage in Deadweight (cargo weight) is 198000 which is close to SuezMax limits of 180k to 200k depending on ships dimensions. Tonnages are quite confusing between Gross, Net, Lightweight and Deadweight. All down to taxes, insurance costs, canal and port fees and how an owner can avoid them or pay as little as legally required. Container ships use TEU (Twentyfoot Equivalent Units) instead of tonnes. The number of twenty foot containers it carries. A forty foot container is 2 x twenties just to further confuse things. :lol:
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The crisis shifts from the Suez Canal to a highway in Taipei.