Strictly Come Dancing 2018

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Bishop Boy, Aug 13, 2018.

  1. Bishop Boy

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    First contestant revealed, Katie Piper.

  2. Chappers

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  3. Bishop Boy

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  4. Dubai Si

    Dubai Si Midfield

    She's from Andover. Another bloody foreigner, coming over taking our dancing partners.
  5. West_Winger

    West_Winger Winger

    She had acid thrown in her face by a jealous boyfriend and she’s been campaigning for justice for other victims of these attacks.
  6. Jimmer13

    Jimmer13 Midfield

    Seems like they are having problems attracting top names because of this so called curse affecting them.

    Willbe interesting to see if they get many so called A listers
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  7. That’s just silly. You can see how people end up shagging when they spend every day groping each other for weeks on end but people need to show some self control if they are in a happy relationship already.
  8. Jimmer13

    Jimmer13 Midfield

    But little head sometimes overpowers big head...........and passion wins out. Too literal a meaning of to have and to hold:rolleyes::lol:[/QUOTE]
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  9. EchoMan

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    It takes two to tango though
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  10. ilovehorswill

    ilovehorswill Winger

    Just been on the phone to me marra Sammy Sequins and he's hearing Lee Ryan, Tom Daley, Faye Tozer, Les Dennis, fat bloke off The Chase, Dan Walker, Scarlett Moffatt.
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  11. Falconhoof

    Falconhoof Winger

    I doubt that. I've heard of them....
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  12. BoldonBlackCat

    BoldonBlackCat Midfield

  13. Bishop Boy

    Bishop Boy Striker

    The beast would be fun to see on the dance floor, same as jenni ryan
  14. Tin Soldier

    Tin Soldier Striker

    That's her been through a lot Bonny Lass and speaks well

    Especially if he has to be lifted :eek:
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  15. Chappers

    Chappers Striker

    So haway is your lass doing it?
  16. Musicman

    Musicman Striker

    Think I read somewhere he was knocked back because it was too dangerous in case he fell on one of them lol
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  17. BoldonBlackCat

    BoldonBlackCat Midfield

    I can’t confirm or deny anything mate, been telt off already and it’s only 9:30
  18. Chappers

    Chappers Striker

    Well my 13 year told will be unbearable if her favourite from steps is on. Christ, she never shut up for a month after walking past her in asda.
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  19. Keawyeds

    Keawyeds Striker

    Well considering they've had Russel Grant on before, I think they'll have risk assessed him
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  20. A bloke at the bar last night reckons Keano has been signed up!:lol::lol:
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