Strictly Come Dancing 2018

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Bishop Boy, Aug 13, 2018.

  1. My mother in law voted for Stacey, now shes all upset about her and the Cleethorpes Casanova and says she wouldn't have voted for them if she'd known. I think this needs a recount
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  2. The people have spoken.
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  3. If we can have a second vote on Brexit I'm sure we can have a second vote on strictly. ;)
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  4. It's only fair I guess to take it back to the people once all the facts are known, everything is crystal clear, and the lies are exposed.

    The brazen hussy!
  5. ilovehorswill

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    Not so sure about that!

    Like other victims of the GGG she was in a long term relationship, a bit bored.

    Along comes Kev who instantly worships them and they think they've found what was missing.

    The problem is Kev gets excited and intense about things all the time and never for very long.

    Right now Stacey must realise she's made a mistake. Not saying her boyfriend was the one, just that Kevin wasn't the one to ditch him for.
  6. I was on about Theresa May ;)
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    Whatever floats your boat sir!
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    Agreed. Especially when I’m platonically available in an avuncular confidante stylee to advice her on her romantic liaison options. (Sigh)
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  9. Well amongst the chatter about backstage antics I reflect fondly on one of my favourite dances ever :

    Seriously my mouth was on the floor when Jay did that live, I'm so looking forward to the next series because it's absolute TV bliss to me :cool:.
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