Strictly Come Dancing 2018

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Bishop Boy, Aug 13, 2018.

  1. ilovehorswill

    ilovehorswill Winger

    I'll have what he's been drinking :lol:
  2. jacko100

    jacko100 Winger

    you've had a good run tbf, these things don't last forever! ;)
  3. box2box

    box2box Striker

    Would love to see an any nuttal shimy her way through a couple of months .......
  4. Johnap

    Johnap Midfield Contributor

    Oh joy.
  5. BoldonBlackCat

    BoldonBlackCat Midfield

    Cheers mate :lol:
    There’ll be an update on The One Show tonight ;)
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  6. Absolutely cannot wait, my favourite TV show, sheer bliss and total escapism - haway !!!!!!! :cool:.
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  7. I watched last season, the day after the live show.

    Davooooood was robbed
  8. Chappers

    Chappers Striker

    One show being recorded. Daughter doing my bastard head in.

    Faye this and faye that.
  9. With no Spanish or Italian football for Saturday nights, which the Mrs does not know about yet, watching the show live is going to be on.

    I'm not fannying on with eleven sports
  10. Papa Smurf

    Papa Smurf Winger

    She deffo gets even better with age @BoldonBlackCat. Can’t stand Stricty but might give it a watch this year :p
  11. Mantobar

    Mantobar Midfield

    Bet ya husbands ower the moon
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  12. sarah_safc

    sarah_safc Midfield

    I think the power of the smb can help out for votes. :cool:
  13. ilovehorswill

    ilovehorswill Winger

  14. BoldonBlackCat

    BoldonBlackCat Midfield

    Cheers lads, she’s ower the moon and I’m chuffed for her.

    Fingers crossed she’s teamed up with someone that prefers fellas, will save me a bit hassle :lol:
  15. great I love strictly me, let's hope for some SAFC mentions
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  16. :lol:
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  17. Gerrin, hope Kate Silverton is on anarl - I just love it, the outfits, the live music, seeing folks progress and the judges :p. @BoldonBlackCat good luck to the missus, you'll get floorside seats anarl ya lucky bugger ! :cool:.

    I've seen you're picture, you're a handsome couple ! ;). Fingers crossed she gets paired with someone decent !

    *your picture, had a brain fart - grrr :lol:.
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  18. Exactly haway Faye
    I'm not voting for the mag Moffat muppet woman mind
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