Spanish ex-pats

David M



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They're not 'chucking you out' for fun mate. You voted to make yourself an illegal immigrant and the Spanish authorities have to act accordingly now that you've won that status.

Hai voluta la biciletta? Adresso Pedala.

Italian, not Spanish, but I still think it applies.

Monty Pigeon

We left in 2018 because we knew the crunch was coming. Had countless arguments with leave supporters there, with their 'they need us more than we need them' mantra. We urged everyone we knew there to get residency, but only a few did. Reality has now dawned for the rest.

There are some horror stories. Cancer patients relying on charitable help in Spain who've got notice to leave and won't automatically qualify for NHS healthcare when they come back to UK. People who've invested everything they own over there, and stand to lose thousands in taxes and other duty as they attempt to sell up and leave.

A couple we know thought we were being ridiculously over-cautious when we left. Now we're using our contacts in Turkey to try to set them up with something over there. They haven't had the knock on the door yet, but they'll be illegal immigrants in Spain at the end of the month.


😊Fuck me, they're even thicker than I thought then. I just read summit lately that quoted these figures. Thought it was a long standing requirement.
The WA is if you can prove you've lived there, were in employment etc prior to 31st December and applied you should have been ok.