So a bloke with his wife and daughter walk into a bar in Amble...

f***ing despise them, yet another example of them doing what the hell they like and getting away with it. They seem to think we're inferior to them and can treat us how they like as a result.

Quite simply it's appalling discrimination

Knew a load of lads from Amble back in my uni days. Everyone single one of them were weird as fuck, completely of their tree.
Had that happen in Newcastle.

Just replied I’d take as long as I wanted.

Funnily enough nowt happened. The bloke was clearly pissed as a fart and wanted to look hard in front of his mates.

Surprised it would happen in Newcastle like. With your parents as well?
I bet that they walk slowly too.

All completely pickled from doing mushies and lsd and ket and whatnot. One of them threw himself in front of a train a few years ago.
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in an absolutely tenuous link ….. I drove through Kirkby Stephen yesterday and saw a couple of lads with SAFC shirts on having a pint outside a pub.