Snooker thread


O’Sullivan looking really tuned in so far. Lisowski had a chance to steal the second after Ronnie missed a red into the middle after opening the balls, but he failed

79 break by Ronnie 2-0 up
3-0, 100 plus break.

4-0 with a 93. 4-0

might catch a bit of footy here :lol:

5-0 125 break.

so far 604 to O’Sullivan, 22 to lisowski
Is hendry back for next week


Cheers wonder what odds you get on him winning, Hawkins is decent hope it's on TV if it happens but I'm sure he will be on TV soon enough
No market yet but going on the likes of Ken Doherty, Jimmy White it will be 100/1 minimum

all over 6-1 lisowski did extremely well to get one
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The coverage starts at 9am on eurosport so there is a possibility hendry may get on the match table at that time.

it’s back in Milton Keynes. They may keep the likes of trump, O’Sullivan robertson for the lunchtime and 7pm slots