Snooker thread


Draw for next week

Trump v Bingham
Zhou Yulong v Barry Hawkins
lisowski v gould
O’Sullivan v Ding

Bottom half

robertson v lu ning
Wilson v day
BROWN v Higgins
Selby v Mark Williams

500/1 for the world championships. Cant find any for tomorrow’s for some reason
Probably won't qualify lol nightmare draw that for Selby,

Scunny Dan

Timed that well for me mate, tuned in to see a final frame decider. Not keen on 'Ball-run', so hoping for some 'Naughty Snooker' in the last.


Not looking good for Jordan here, must still be pissed after Sunday

Selby just cleared up off the break that Mark Williams said that nobody would ever clear up from! :lol:
He'll be getting a lot of stick about that on twitter later!
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Hawk goes 1-0 up

the comms were saying that the last time Bingham beat hawkins in a ranking event was in 2001. They’ve barely played each other since


O’Sullivan looking really tuned in so far. Lisowski had a chance to steal the second after Ronnie missed a red into the middle after opening the balls, but he failed

79 break by Ronnie 2-0 up
3-0, 100 plus break.

4-0 with a 93. 4-0

might catch a bit of footy here :lol:

5-0 125 break.

so far 604 to O’Sullivan, 22 to lisowski
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