Snooker thread


Feel free to post more tips haha do you spend much a week
Probably bet more than I should but know when to stop if need be. I’ll always look for value, Cardiff 12/5 at Bournemouth the other night after winning their last 5 games was certainly value!



Ronnie then won 5 on the spin to go 5-3. Hawk then won another 5-4, until the final frame of chess that Ronnie won and sealed the match 6-4

higgins and Wilson play their semi final at 7pm Saturday


What do you make of hendry making comeback
Am interested to see how it unfolds. I wouldn’t be expecting huge things but at the same time I don’t think hendry is the type of guy like white and Doherty to play if he can’t compete.
he won’t want to tarnish his reputation as the best.
time will tell I guess.


Selt v Hendry is currently scheduled for 7pm Tuesday 2 March. Has a chance to be on the main table with who is scheduled at the time as well

you can have at least 500/1 on Hendry to win the Gibraltar Open
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