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Discussion in 'SMB' started by The Bridge Lad, Jul 17, 2017.

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    How is that decided and where would it likely be played if at home?
  2. The Bridge Lad

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    Lucas Pouille, Mirza Basic and Roberto Baena win ATP 250 Montpellier, Sofia and Quito events respectively. Barely heard of the latter 2 and they have a combined 2 Grand Slam appearances between them.

    Serena and Venus paired up for the USA's doubles rubber against Netherlands in the Fed Cup but lost 6-2 6-3. The match was academic as USA already had an unassailable 3-0 lead, but Serena looked very unfit apparently and many think her planned singles return at Indian Wells in 3 weeks is a bit ambitious.

    Gabi Taylor won another $25k event in Australia without dropping a set. 10 win in a row now and is up to about 240 odd in the rankings - hopefully can slightly improve that in the coming weeks and sneak in to the French Open qualifying places by cut off - bound to be in Wimbledon main draw wildcard contention as well now, hopefully ahead of Robson.

    Doha is the main (and only) WTA event this week, a Premier 5 event so plenty of points to play for. Konta has an Australian Open rematch against qualifier Pera in her first round match on Tuesday, but they are in a tough quarter with Wozniacki, Kerber and Sharapova. 3 ATP events, the main one in Rotterdam (500) where Federer will reclaim #1 (the oldest ever) should he reach the semi finals. Kyle Edmond plays in the Argentina Open where he has drawn the aforementioned Baena in the first round and there's also a 250 event in New York - Cameron Norrie had entered qualifying for this, but unfortunately lost in the first Q round to compatriot Liam Broady who is now one win away from the main draw.

    It will be decided by lots. It's seeded and it looks like GB won't be seeded so likely to play one of the first 4 nations


    A home tie to Canada would be ideal. They've had 4 successive away ties at this stage and it's something like 1993 when they were last at home so not sure on venue, but would depend on the surface they chose. I'd consider going if it was Manchester or Glasgow.
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    It would have been good if it was like the DC with alternative venues.
  4. Arkle

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    Japan away in April. Not the worst draw but not the best either and still no home tie.
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    Think it's the second worst to be honest. GB were actually seeded so the choices were Canada, Paraguay and Latvia. With Sevastova and Ostapenko on their home turf that would have been the worst. Apparently they have a good doubles team and Osaka (if she plays) has started 2018 in fine form so I'd imagine it will be 50/50ish but such a shame it's away and the worst time zone possible. An 11 am start over there will mean a 2 or 3am start here so virtually unwatchable and the BBC often puck this stage up so a missed opportunity for some good promotion.

    It is at least winnable though.
  6. Arkle

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    Ah, I didn't really think about the seeding. Latvia were the one we definitely didn't want.
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    If players don't enter a tournament till the second round do they collect ranking points for the round they didn't play ?
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    Yeah its basically a free win. If Woz lost today she would get points for a L32 exit, the same as others who lose today despite winning a match yesterday.
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    Ah, cheers.
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    Good couple of wins so far in Qatar for Konta. Got revenge over Pera (Australian Open) yesterday 7-6 6-1 and beat Suarez Navarro 6-2 6-2 today. Much tougher match tomorrow vs Kerber, but good to see her hit a bit of form just in time for the 2 big US events (especially Miami) next month. That's 3 decent wins in 6 days now after beating Kontaveit last week at Fed Cup. The Kerber match should be on around 6pm UK time tomorrow for those interested.

    Strong line up here and Kerber, Muguruza, Wozniacki, Svitolina, Halep, Pliskova, Konta, Garcia, Kvitova and Georges have all made the last 16, so on course for some big latter stage matches.
  11. The Bridge Lad

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    Some cracking quarter finals today at Doha from 12.30pm

    Muguruza vs Garcia
    Halep vs Bellis
    Wozniacki vs Kerber
    Kvitova vs Goerges
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  12. Roger Federer world number one. Superb
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    Really enjoyed the Kerber match. Some very nice tennis being played especially in the first set. It had a Final feel to it and as much as I wanted our Caroline to progress it was sad to see Kerber going out. She played really well.

    As well as hearing Halep has pulled out after her win. Was hoping for an Aussie Open re-match with the number one title at play again. I hope she makes a speedy recovery.

    Am going to miss tomorrow's Semi-final as am away for most of the day and not back in till late afternoon or early evening so will have to set the recorder smurf. Will miss the Lads against Brentford as well, or at least the first half.

    I knew our Caroline is good buddies Serena and Radwanska but I didn't know our Caroline and Angie are good mates as well and go on holidays together like the commentators (one of them being Caroline's brother) said during today's match. Learn something every day.
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    Yeah, there were some good matches today, Muguruza showing her June-late August of last year form coming from behind in a good match with Garcia. Massive boost for her that she has the bye through to the final, has just needed to win 3 matches to get there. I saw most of the Halep match and Bellis was really unlucky to lose that first set 6-0, most of the games went to multiple deuces.

    Enjoyable match as you say with Kerber vs Woz. I was sure Kerber was going to take it the way she has been playing and storming through that second set. The first set in particular was high quality and very watchable. Sometimes it was hard to separate them with their same colour tops and similar hair style and colour. Our BT commentators also mentioned the Kerber-Wozniakci friendship, and they cited the Polish links as one possible reason.

    Just caught up with the Kvitova match now (since the footy has been so one sided) and she is also in superb form, winning St Petersburg the other week and then doing well at Fed Cup - must be on a 10 or 11 match winning streak now - also great to see her getting some form back and she has been so inconsistent (understandably) since the December 2016 attack. That should be a good match as well and a big contrast in styles than today.
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  15. Oldest ever.
  16. MarcoG

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    Petra Kvitova needs to win more than two Grand Slam titles, such a waste if she doesn't. More ability than anyone on the tour not named Williams.

    13 match winning streak with wins over Goerges, Bencic, Mladenovic, Radwanska, Ostapenko, Svitolina, Wozniacki and Muguruza. Her dominant hand looked like this 14 months ago...

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    I'd agree that peak Kvitova beats pretty much anyone on tour at their best, bar Serena, but even before the attack she's just not as consistent as the likes of Halep, Wozniacki and probably even Svitolina as well. Her record in big finals is absolutely outstanding though and like Kerber, her being back in the top 10 is great for the women's game. You've mentioned them all, but her run this week was particularly impressive.

    Cam Norrie after avenging his recent defeat to Liam Broady yesterday, lost in the final round of a 250 qualifier to the same person who beat him in Australian Open quallies, shame.

    Konta has received a late wildcard into Dubai next week which also has a very strong field. Naomi Broady lost again in quals to an intl event in Hungary and she will sift down the ranking soon - on an awful run.
  18. MarcoG

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    Same could probably said about Azarenka (although she's a fair bit more consistent than Kvitova). No reason why either of them shouldn't be on as many slams as Sharapova or even Venus. Both still young enough to do it though.

    Norrie's squeezed through as a lucky loser in to Delray by the way. Kyrgios withdrew earlier today.
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  19. The Bridge Lad

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    Yeah, been an absolute nightmare for Azarenka recently. Saw that something had gone in her favour recently regarding her case which is good and she should have been able to play IW anyway with that being in Cali.

    Good stuff, didn't realise that about Norrie. Never nice to see someone withdraw, especially someone like Kyrgios who I'm a fan of and seemingly always injured, but that's a massive boost for Norrie. Tough match and he'll likely go out to Chung, but a rare ATP main draw for him especially outside of his GB WCs. Think it's his only non GB event apart from the US Open last year. He can go in there with a nothing to lose attitude, bearing in mind he's already got the bonus points and money in the bag and it's Chung's first match since the Federer match so may be a little rusty / still slightly affected by the blisters.
  20. Session

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    Konta through.

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