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Discussion in 'SMB' started by The Bridge Lad, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. The Bridge Lad

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    I thought it would be a good idea to set up a general tennis thread like they have for other sports on here as interest will generally be higher after Wimbledon and it is only 6 weeks today until the start of the 3rd Grand Slam of the season, The US Open.

    It will be better to keep Grand Slam discussion separately for greater visibility but this should be a good place for all the build up tournaments like the Canadian and Cincinnati Open's. Plus it will be useful for general things that don't warrant their own thread like Jo Konta now up to 4th in the newest WTA rankings, the highest of her career and the first time a Brit (or someone representing Britain if you prefer) has made the top 5 since 1984.

    The following website looks ideal for keeping up to date with UK tennis on TV, focusing on times, channels and any British involvement in each tournament:

    Full remaining tournament schedules until the end of the year / season:

    It's good news that the ATP finals are staying at the O2, London until 2020 and also the WTA's equivalent tournament is looking to leave Asia in 2019 to be held in a new European location which will be announced next year. Manchester in the running and that would be brilliant.
  2. Arkle

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    Murray still somehow number 1 on the men's side, although that is likely to go soon.
  3. The Bridge Lad

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    Aye, both #1 players don't have a current slam between them, will be a while since that's happened - obviously Federer, Nadal and Serena have missed parts of the season.
  4. Session

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  5. The Bridge Lad

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    Class :lol:
  6. This was a really popular idea then :lol:;)
  7. cluffy

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    Love Wimbledon me. Looking forward to this year's
    Murray for me
  8. davoak

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    @The Bridge Lad this thread needs mid morning booze and smut talk as a foot note if it's ever going to take off. Use @hank williams as an inspiration!!!!
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  9. The Bridge Lad

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    Decent looking line up in the Swedish Open next week (on BT Sports)

    8 top 35 players including Wozniacki, Kvitova and Kontaveit.

    Very early days marra :)

    nice of you to bump it ;)

    Was actually thinking when I posted that first link 'tennis on tv' in the OP who needs Ole Hank, what a site that is.

    I here @hank williams is fast becoming a big tennis fan.
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  10. davoak

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    You need to hard sell dodgy kodi sites and mock people who pay for sky anarl, job done! Oh aye and if anyone calls you a smoggy have a meltdown. Ole bridge lad
  11. The Bridge Lad

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    Eurosport confirmed again for the UK rights of the US Open. I'm largely pleased as it is more accessible than Sky Sports although they will just have 2 screens (Eurosport 1 & 2) as well as Eurosport player, whereas Sky used to have the red button function so you had a lot more choices. There'll be plenty of streams though if you want to watch a match not considered worthy of being on the 2 main screens.

    This is the schedule:

    Monday 28th August, 4pm and 12am - M & W R1 (UK bank holiday)

    Tuesday 29th August, 4pm and 12am - M & W R1

    Wednesday 30th August, 4pm and 12am - M & W R2

    Thursday 31st August, 4pm and 12am - M & W R2

    Friday 1st September, 4pm and 12am - M & W R3

    Saturday 2nd September, 4pm and 12am - M & W R3

    Sunday 3rd September, 4pm and 12am - M & W L16

    Monday 4th September, 4pm and 12am - M & W L16

    Tuesday 5th September, 4pm and 12am - M & W QFs

    Wednesday 6th September, 4pm and 12pm - M & W QFs

    Thursday 7th September, 12am (Friday) - W SFs

    Friday 8th September, 9pm - M SFs

    Saturday 9th September, 9pm - W F

    Sunday 10th September, 9pm - M F
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  12. Zverev to be the next first time grand slam winner (on the men's side).

    Guy is a class act, very unlucky against Nadal at the Australian.
  13. The Bridge Lad

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    Hope so, seems like a decent lad and a very good style. I do get the impression that pundits and the entire tennis world are basically pining their hopes on him though and he may feel the pressure down the line. He's had a very good 2017 though, especially on the general tour and hope he goes far in New York. Should be on course to make the finals in London in November.
  14. Session

    Session Midfield

    I do plan to watch a bit of this but I know once the football season is in full swing that will be the priority. There's no other sports I really like on during Wimbledon.
  15. alexander

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    Nice one. I can watch our Caroline play in the Final the day after I land in the NE. :cool:
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  16. The Bridge Lad

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    Hopefully losing to Konta again in a repeat of the Miami Open final back in March :p. Her best surface though and definitely the tournament where she has had most success - 5 SF appearances.

    You'll get to see her a fair bit in the US build up tournaments as well and she is already confirmed for the Swedish Open next week. She is currently 8th in the 'Race to Singapore' where the top 8 qualify for the WTA Finals so she will be looking to gain decent points in the Premier Mandatory tournaments to keep the likes of Kerber, Mladenovic and Kuznetsova at bay.
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  17. Safc_Number10

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    I would have preferred the US Open to be in Sky rather than Euro Sport.

    I visited Flushing Meadows in 2003, and remember seeing Kim Clijsters (had to google that spelling) on Arthur Ashe. I think I still have the ticket stub, I'll look it out and see who else was playing.

    I really like the vibe of the US Open, hope to go back again one day.
  18. The Bridge Lad

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    Crowd is certainly a massive contrast to Wimbledon. I also like it as the general 9-5 worker can get to see a lot more of it and it does have a sort of End of Slam Season feel to it which makes it a bit more special IMO. I'd love to go back to New York and I'd also like to go to this (although I've not even been to Wimbledon yet).

    Sky vs Eurosport is a tough one. As far as coverage goes, Sky's is far superior, not many will deny that (although Eurosport is still decent), however Eurosport is available on most Sky packages and you don't need a sports subscription. At the moment i have Sky but not Sky Sports and unsure if i will upgrade for the new season, i might, but at least now i am guaranteed to see it, although i suppose if it was on Sky Sports then I would likely upgrade for that month at least. There are normally loads of top quality ESPN streams available anyway, basically like watching Sky Go on your laptop, so we should be able to watch any match we want pretty easily.

    Just had a quick look and W/C 28th August, there is just Barrow vs Fylde on the start day (Mon 28th), then midweek it is just Checkatrade Trophy games although it is the return of the World Cup qualifiers on the Thursday through to the Tuesday.
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  19. Session

    Session Midfield

    Ah, decent, will probably get to see a bit of the early stages then.
  20. Charmless Man

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    Unfortunately I just can't get into tennis outside Wimbledon. It's weird because objectively I know it's a brilliant spectator sport and love watching it (especially when Federer is playing well). I don't know why.

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