Old photo of the lads.


Subs Bench
Saw this undated photo in a nursing home today and there's not many I recognise. I can see Monty, Martin Harvey, Slim Jim and The King but not many others.

Ambrose Fogarty (the lion of Roker) to the left of Martin Harvey, Jimmy McNab on the extreme left of the second row, the little guy middle third row is Ernie Taylor and next to him is Stan Anderson, I think the guy at the end of that row is the manager Bill Murray and in the front row second from the right is Nick Sharkey.

Raggy Lad

Subs Bench
That's Willie Mcpheat

He scored the equaliser in a cup tie against Spurs at Roker Park (1961 I think)and the fans invaded the pitch. Danny Blanchflower said that invasiongave Spurs a breather and had we not done that we would have beaten them. Think Spurs did the double that year


Full Back
Second row from the top, second from the right....looks like Baxter to me. Thi k you're right though, Baxter was '65 on and that's earlier by the looks of it.
Looks like they still have black shorts, Baxter played when we changed to white, at Alan Brown's behest.