NUFC thread 2021.


Because like it or not in the grand scheme of things Newcastle United are small fry in comparison to some of the contentious issues he can take the government to task on. I dare bet Boris and Starmer couldn’t name one Newcastle player.
No issue on my side tbh mate. I felt it was highly odd for local politicians to get involved. While I found their position questionable, their argument for it was even weirder. Had they trot out the line about just being pro-local investment I'd sort of get it as a cheap ploy for votes, but to make out like the club deservess this is total bollocks.

We deserve a new owner, but that does not mean we should bow to a nation state buying us.
I agree, Caulkin is a Labour supporter and has praised Chi Onwura, because she’s his MP and is an excellent MP.
It seems none of them are too principled when it comes to the Mags being bought by murderers
They both are only too willing to chuck their principles out of the window to pander to their audience.

Always thought caulkin was very good when writing for the times, but now he may as well just be writing for the Mag. And his total lack of interest in us as we plummeted through the leagues also spoke volumes.