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  1. Beaker

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    Keep me posted on here I've just got home from Lates.
  2. bu-bu-buchanon

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    Fair enough. I don’t work there, just going off what a few mates are saying. Maybe they’re wrong.
    Why are they in the shit then ? Genuine question
  3. Mango killa

    Mango killa Full Back

    Have explained dozen of times on here, just got in and cannot be arsed.
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  4. bu-bu-buchanon

    bu-bu-buchanon Striker

    Soz mate. Don’t normally read Nissan threads. Was just playing footy with a few lads who are contracting there at the moment. They are expecting to get the bullet next week and said they thought it was Brexit related but probably not as close to the truth as you lads.
    Hope it’s all ok anyway.
  5. Mango killa

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  6. Sam Handwich

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    3 stand ups coming for line 1 soon as well i hear
  7. Falconhoof

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    What does that mean for us who don't work there?
    You lads know more than us outsiders looking in. What's the crack then? Awful when anyone loses their jobs like.
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  8. double maxim

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    Fingers crossed nissan don't make any rash decisions. I have worked there in the past and hated it but know how important it is to countless families and the area generally.

    I personally think the auto industry are playing their hand a bit too stong over brexit and the cost of relocating huge operations will ulimately outweigh the short term disruption for them to actually fuck off, by the time they were ready to ramp up an eastern european facility things will have settled so i suspect common sense will prevail.

    wouldn't fancy being a temp over there at the minute though.
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  9. Sam Handwich

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    There have been stand downs across both lines recently. That's basically where there is no production and everyone gets a shift off(fridays) with pay.
    This has to be paid back though, and its done when the work picks up and when a Saturday overtime shift(stand up) is called, this is used to pay back the money you owe.
    You work 5 hours 20m which at time and a half equates to your 8 hour stand down

    Meeting put back till 01:45. Rumour has it that its gonna be a three week shutdown at Xmas
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  10. Mango killa

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    Just had a text, brief after last break
    If that is the case, thats not anywhere near as bad as the rumours but ya already probably know that the majority are half truths and porkies
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  11. Jarra Dicka

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    Heard tonight that the meeting was Friday dayshift so the must have brought it forward.
    Line 1 going onto 2 shifts is my guess
  12. Dagzd1973

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    Not to mention it's one of the most productive car plants in Europe, producing more cars per worker than any other factory.

    We had all this move talk in the 00's when the Sterling fell against the Euro. It won't happen. Nissan is here to stay.
  13. Mango killa

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    Cancelled pay negotiations till after brexit, doom and gloom etc.
  14. TaylorBoosh

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    :lol: Just finished my nightshift reading through this thread was like reliving my shift I’ve just had! Wait till u see the briefing! Threats, threats and more threats!
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  15. Beaker

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    They love a threat around pay negs mind

    Brexit or No Brexit

    Normally followed by a major positive announcment as soon as a yes vote goes through with the company council.

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  16. Gingga

    Gingga Winger

    Not anymore, 2 Renault plants in Spain are more productive than nmuk and they can run Nissan lines already.
  17. The Continuing Story

    The Continuing Story Central Defender

    If only someone had predicted this before most of the workers voted themselves into redundancy
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  18. double maxim

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    This is why it is frequently quoted as being the most productine plant in europe. Taking advantage of their effective monopoly on reasonably paid un/low skilled labour round these parts. Fucking cretins.
  19. Butcher's Coat

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    Sales of rubber bed sheets and mattress covers about to soar.;)
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  20. TaylorBoosh

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    Course they can :rolleyes:

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