Nigel Pearson and Kevin Phillips.

The managers that Have succeeded here Keane, Reid Allardyce Etc all have one key thing in common Characters Pearson will not be phased By job, expectations etc he won’t accept any nonsense will push the players just what we need, Phillips with him would give place lift it needs.
Its a really good point - you could add in McCarthy into that group - all big characters.
This is the rumour in the papers if and when the takeover happens. I'm sure it just a rumour rather than based on any discussions. For me, when you appoint a new manager you look at both the short term boost that the likes of Warnock offers as well as the long term vision to take us up through the divisions. Pearson comes across as aggressive and arrogant but would offer both a short term boost and potentially someone who could take us through the divisions. Parkinson quite clearly offers neither. Add in Kevin Phillips and it would be a good appointment. Any thoughts?
There would be no slacking from the players that's for sure. I'd love it as he has that nutter vibe but with skills unlike di canio
Phillips has already stated he won't come near the club whilst SD is here.
Phillips would be purely sentimental anyway. It appears he hasn't coached for nearly two years. It doesn't appear that he has a particularly great reputation as a coach. For me, Pearson is the profile we need. A bit of spark and enthusiasm and a big enough personality to take on what is a tough job. I'd imagine he'd have players going out believing they would win as opposed to Parkinson's approach of getting them to negate the threat of the opposition.
Isn't Pearson without Shakespeare like Clough without Taylor and O'Neil without Robertson in his record?

Shakespeare's at Villa now and seemingly enjoying life.
Pearson did a really good job at Watford, presumably without Shakespeare. It was a bit bizarre when he was sacked at Watford after totally turning them round.
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Whether it's true or not, I'd be right behind this. Solid manager, club legend with coaching experience as no.2 - this is the type of momentum-changing appointment that could work.


L'Equipe (with English football) and the Guardian aren't exactly renowned for printing tittle tattle and I can't see how this story can't be mutually exclusive from their reports unless the (potential) new regime are already making a hash of things.

They wouldn't/shouldn't be choosing and sounding out managers when the appointment of a sporting director is still only at the shortlist stage.

I guess the alternative is they've chosen and got commitment from a sporting director since those initial reports and he has already chosen his preferred manager and this is the very latest news.
Very true. It’s confusing and the problem is we’ve no idea how up to date this is or the Dreyfus link is.
One ray of light is that both stories predict an outcome before the end of the month.


Personally I would go for Gus Poyet if the takeover happens. It would be a long term project that would take years to get us where we need to be and Poyet would have the vision and plan for that.
plus his teams always play nice football