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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Steak Pie, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. scott934

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    Well, he won't be in at the deep end because he has no chance of starting, except for another injury. So plenty time for improvement. Packers reporters reckon GB were tempted to take him with the 33rd pick last year so must've liked him regardless of last season.
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  2. Flash Gordon

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    Browns going a bit crazy on the trade front.

    Danny Shelton and a 5th round draft pick this year has gone to the Patriots in return for a 3rd round draft pick next year.

    Seems like the Browns have pretty much given him away which is surprising.
  3. Johnsafc

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    49ers were also in that market unfortunately!

    Sherman is an excellent acquisition for them. Trust him to go to a division rival.
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  4. scott934

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    49ers gonna be the team every one fancies before the season begins I reckon.

    Packers need to sign a corner in free agency, it was already a weak position before Randall left. Talk of Trumaine Johnson from the Rams, dunno much about him tbh. They probably draft one early too.
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  5. Brett

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    Sherman probably busy unblocking all the 49ers fans on Twitter now.

    It's a great signing but it has divided the fans. Really fancying us to get at least a wild card next season but need to hey a solid WR in free agency.
  6. scott934

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    Suh being released by the Dolphins. Still has over $20m in guaranteed money owed to him. Seems like he's still in his prime too.
  7. ChrisAshley

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    Dolphins seem pretty determined not to have any good players.
  8. mogget

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    I think they just want to annoy @Chappers

    Edit - I hope that’s the right guy!
  9. When is the NFL 2018 thread starting?
  10. Morny

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    Is Suh that bad a character? Still seems a pretty good player to just burn away that much cash
  11. Chappers

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    Aye just seen he might be going too. Massive season ahead. They need to get this right.


    All gone. Master stoke or fuck up, we will see
  12. Kobayashi

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    Would have thought the combine would have been a good place to start but sure I read somewhere pages back it's the draft?
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  13. ChrisAshley

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    Bills trade Cordy Glenn for what looks like a first round swap with the Bengals, will give them the 12th pick. Getting into that Colt pick became a little easier for the Bills.
  14. Morny

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    Jesus, Jet's just gonna sit at six and watch everyone trade past them, aren't they.
  15. Steak Pie

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    New season starts on Wednesday.
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  16. Kobayashi

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    Any reason why it's Wed?

    Edit: Just seen the NFL League year starts 14th....
  17. Yankee Mackem

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    I doubt it. Some of the venom being spat out over this is surreal. Word is that he's injury prone, has a bad attitude, is a jerk and a douche. These are pretty harsh words from a fanbase whose biggest insult is the word 'seachicken'.
  18. Johnsafc

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    Well this has been news to me unfortunately

    He's a massive earner and was injury prone last season. Think they'll be looking at Dawkins going forward. Still disappointed to see him go
  19. Drew Brees signs a two year $50 million contract with $27 million guaranteed with the saints
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  20. Reznor

    Reznor Midfield

    Sammy Watkins to the Chiefs and Allen Robinson to the Bears...

    And now Richburg to the 49ers.
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