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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Steak Pie, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. scott934

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    Totally agree. Strange that America is the one who take almost a communist stance on their sports, but they're all the better for it. Makes what the Patriots have done since 2001 even more impressive.
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  2. That's what I like about the NFL, apart from the browns, anyone can have a run to the play offs.

    It looks like the 49rs will be having a big say next season in the NFC.

    Rogers coming back should add at least 30% to the packers hopes.

    Wish it was September already
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  3. scott934

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    I'm saying it now, Browns make the playoffs next year if they draft Barkley. Might see if I can get a couple of quid on it.

    At the very least the Packers should be experiencing a painful play off elimination, as is tradition. :cool:
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  4. Dangerous book marking post here mind Scotty

  5. ChrisAshley

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    They have Hue Jackson, they'll finish with a losing record.
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  6. :lol::lol:
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  7. ;):lol::lol:
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  8. scott934

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    If they are shite nobody will remember my post, but if by some miracle they make the playoffs I'll bump it and look like a genius. ;)
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  9. :lol::lol::lol:
  10. ChrisAshley

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  11. Morny

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    Jets! What a team!

    Yeah it's a decent signing to be fair. Means we have Adams, Maye and Johnson in the secondary, with more to come.

    Also signed Isaiah Crowell from Browns. Would have liked a RB in 2nd round to be honest, but hopeful this means we are saving 2nd round picks to try and trade up. If so, probablys has good as we could do in FA.
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  12. scott934

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    Big Mo Wilkerson :cool:

    1 year deal, $5m + $3m in incentives, absolute steal. Mo, Daniels, Clark should be a great D-line!

    @Morny Don't think your lot are gonna be taking a QB in the draft AND sign Bridgewater and McCown.
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  13. Morny

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    Mo been lazy for us BUT with a coach he knows and motivated to work hard, could be a great get for yous.

    Well both Mccown and Bridgewater are one-year deals, and every NYC media man on twitter saying plan is still QB in draft. I hope so; them two just feel like short term options. Need to try and get a proper franchise QB at some point.
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  14. geordiedean

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    Need to draft Barkley and Baker Mayfield for me
  15. Flash Gordon

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    The Browns are your biggest rivals for the AFC North next year ;)
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  16. Steak Pie

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    Yeah! Now, that's what I'm talking about.
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  17. Sid

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    Carlos Hyde to the Browns. Does this mean they're going to pass on Barkley?
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  18. Flash Gordon

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    Barkley is a very talented player but a QB has to be the number 1 pick for the Browns and Barkley won’t be there at 4.

    Hyde is a step up from Crowell and it won’t stop the Browns drafting another running back early in the second round.

    It’s got to be Darnold or Allen at 1 and either Fitzpatrick/Chubb/trade down at 4.

    Personally, i’d be tempted to see what the Bills would offer to move up to 4 and still hopefully be able to pick someone like Derwin James or Denzel Ward at 12.
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  19. RokerLegend

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    Bills are definitely angling for a top pick and look certs to trade up again.

    Quality night yesterday for the Bears. Robinson and Gabriel have improved our WR’s instantly and if we resign Meredith and Kevin White can stay healthy we suddenly have a decent receiving core for Trubisky to throw the ball too.

    Still need some help in the pass rush and it’s slim pickings in the draft from what I’ve read but I’m getting cautiously optimistic that the Bears may get a winning season......
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