New Music Releases Thread

mad cyril

i kinda want to give him the benefit of the doubt, so wouldnt mind knowing the other side of the story - certainly the way that report is written its not a nice reflection of him...
I can’t really see any benefit of the doubt he can be given. The fact is BBC staff were striking and he crossed the picket line to present a show.
I grew up in an era where crossing that picket line is just not the done thing so maybe I’m being too harsh on him, he may see it differently so who knows.
I did though find it nauseating to see him preach solidarity to musicians during lockdown.


Christ this mercury music prize things hard going. Lauren’s audibly struggling to keep a straight face. Michael Kianukas gonna win surely?
That’s Bush Hall some are being filmed in isn’t it? Saw Pere Ubu there pre lockdown or was it a million years ago?
Sorry lads, but I think the Fleet Foxes are folk for people who like Coldplay
I get them mixed up with Friendly Fire who are Wham for people who like Coldplay.....or am I mixing them up with someone else anarl?
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